Pioneering Climate Research

The new climate research center planned by TU Berlin together with partners from Berlin and Brandenburg will seek to apply interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking to climate research and adopt a more solutions-based approach. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines will work together with partners from business and industry to develop new fields of action as well as initiate solutions-based, climate-friendly measures.

“We need to take action on the climate,” says Professor Christian Thomsen, president of TU Berlin, adding “Who better to do that than a university with its capacity for independent and innovative work?” Thomsen believes that science now has the opportunity to contribute its expertise to the process of change required for society as a whole, but that it will also need to increase awareness of the issues involved, particularly among politicians.

A unique network and field lab

There are a number of research groups at TU Berlin capable of contributing to a broad common framework for conducting research on the climate, including areas such as the transformation of the energy system, new forms of mobility, the bioeconomy and the circular economy, and climate-friendly urban development and sustainable building. This expertise allied to the strengths of the various universities and research institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg in the humanities, social and political sciences, land use, and health sciences creates a unique opportunity, even when viewed internationally. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research led by Ottmar Edenhofer is helping establish the Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg. Edenhofer is also professor of the economics of climate change at TU Berlin.

The plan is to develop an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary center for research and knowledge transfer, with representatives from politics, business, and the civil society working together to implement the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region provides researchers with a unique urban and rural field lab where the combined knowledge of regional and global partners can be applied in practice.


A central point of contact for climate research

The new initiative emerged from an initial climate change event (“Berliner Arbeitskreis Klimawandel”) held in fall 2019 and attended by representatives from politics, business and the civil society as well as governing mayor of Berlin Michael Müller. An application to help fund the Center’s research is currently being prepared for submission to the Einstein Foundation Berlin. The model for this is the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), established in 2017 as a new form of public-private partnership. Organizations are also currently being sought to finance new professorships at the Climate Research Center.

Further information

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