Favorite Places at Technische Universität Berlin

The campus of Technische Universität Berlin is located in the heart of the city. In addition to the lively setting enjoyed by its main campus situated close to the Tiergarten park and the theaters, restaurants and shops of City West, there are also a number of other interesting places at its Wedding campus as well as in Schöneberg or even at its overseas campus in El Gouna, Egypt. We decided to let members of the University describe their favorite places in their own words. The University's lecture halls, libraries, offices and labs are used every day by students, researchers, and members of staff, who spend their breaks in TU Berlin's canteens and cafeterias, its green spaces or using its sports facilities. The stories these locations have to tell have been recorded in our “Favorite Places” series. The locations are brought to life in pictures and videos. 

Tell us about your favorite places!

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“Favorite Places” film series

The Atrium

Isabel Teusch is advisor on gender equality, diversity, and internationalization. She explains what makes the Atrium at TU Berlin so special for her and why it reminds her of the market square in a large town.

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The Mathematics Library

Lenz Köhl, a student in the Energy Engineering and Process Engineering degree program, tells us why the Mathematics Library is one of his favorite places at TU Berlin.

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Favorite places in pictures

The inner courtyards of the main building in El Gouna, Egypt

Simon Cüppers is studying in the first semester of the Urban Development master´s program at TU Berlin´s El Gouna satellite campus. He is also a member of the student union there. He particularly likes the campus´s inner courtyards:

“My favorite place in El Gouna is the system of courtyards on the TU campus. There are any number of locations here which could qualify as a “favorite place”, such as the beaches, the “Club House” or Tamr Henna Square, but the campus courtyard is where we students spend most of our time. It´s not just a place to study between lectures, eat or relax; it is also somewhere where we can get together for cultural events. We have celebrated many occasions here, such as an Indian Diwali festival or an Arabian Night, where many students, teachers and admin staff got together to cook, perform or just enjoy themselves.

The student union in action

TIB Campus

FaSTTUBe - the Formula Student Team of Technische Universität Berlin - tells us why the TIB Campus is their favorite place:

“TU Berlin also has a campus in Wedding in north Berlin. It was previously the site of the AEG plant before being transformed into the Technology and Innovation Park Berlin (TIB). A number of businesses and research institutions have set up home on this site, now a landmarked area, TU Berlin among them. Most notably, the Chairs of Civil Engineering and Automotive Engineering conduct their research and development work as well as their teaching here. Of particular interest is the crash track located in the basement of Building 13. This is where the Chair of Automotive Engineering regularly carries out its crash tests.

We, the Formula Student Team of TU Berlin, also have rooms here as well as a workshop to enable us to work on new annual developments for our racing car prototypes. The TIB Campus has been our home for some 15 years already and holds a lot of memories for us. In addition to the construction of our racing cars, the TIB Campus also plays host to our annual rollouts, where we present our new racing cars to the public for the first time. We like doing this here as it is our home and people attending the event are really impressed by the industrial brick buildings and the special atmosphere.

The racing car on the TIB Campus