Technology and Innovation Management

Research Profile

Research at TIM:

  • is inspired by concrete challenges and opportunities from practice
  • is rooted in a conceptual framework, which from a social science and management foundation argues for theory-based relationships
  • employs ‘state of the art’ empirical research methods 
  • delivers practical implications

We are always interested in a critical dialogue with partners from practice about our research ideas, projects, and results in order to find new avenues for joint knowledge and practice generation.

Our research is not focused on a single industry or specific technology. We work in project with our corporate partners from the manufacturing sector, with international technology focused service providers, gaming start-ups, as well as with hospitals or pharmaceutical firms. Investigating organizational structures and processes together with organizational behavior is always at the core of our research in the context of technology and innovation management. We pursue research at the level of networks and how such networks impact technological convergence, at the corporate level, when assessing VR-enabled collaboration with contract manufacturers, all the way to understanding conditions of individual or team creativity. In our research, we recognize the importance of sustainability as a central objective of all technology development and innovation endeavors. As a consequence, we are for example interested in innovative governance design for blockchain-based GHG accounting and markets.