Technology and Innovation Management

PhD at the TIM chair

You would like to attain a PhD at our chair

In general, we are open to discuss opportunities for supervising an external PhD. We see these PhDs as good opportunities for developing primarily empirical technology and innovation management research, which not only delivers new knowledge but also makes a relevant contribution to management practice.

As a precursor, we would like to highlight a few issues, which should guide you in your decision to pursue a PhD at the TIM group:

  1. As a successful PhD provides the candidate with an entry ticket to academia, the project must be designed to contribute with significant knowledge to the relevant scientific domain. This is both an issue of defining an ambitious research question and securing that results are published in recognized international outlets.
  2. Through a successful PhD, the candidate should learn to perform an independent research project. Hence, I see our supervision task as a mentoring role, maybe equivalent to an advanced apprenticeship relationship. We will help and support, but the candidate needs to take ownership and has to show the capability to perform the PhD independently (different from a master thesis).
  3. As the PhD is an entry ticket to academia, we very much welcome candidates, who also are interested in contributing to the teaching and learning portfolio at our department.
  4. A typical PhD supervision process will encompass:
    1. Joint agreement on the main research questions and research design
    2. Development of a research project plan with clear mile-stones and deliverables at the mile-stones, including follow-ups
    3. A series of presentations delivered by the PhD candidate at the research seminars of the department (typically related to mile-stones)
    4. Enrollment in the BIEM PhD School
    5. External PhDs also participate in social events of the department in order to become an integrated part of the research team

If these conditions fit with your expectations, we suggest a meeting in order to explore opportunities for an external PhD. Please contact Prof. Dr. Søren Salomo

In order to secure adequate supervision of external PhDs, we limit the number of such projects running in parallel. 

Completed PhDs from the TIM research group (supervised by Hans Georg Gemüden & Sören Salomo)

Birgit Peña Häufler (2019) Modelling Refugee Entrepreneurship, TU Berlin. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Lehner, Patrick (2017): Promotoren und Kompetenzen projektorientierter Organisationen. Ein empirie- und theoriebasiertes Modell. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Nguyen, Na-Mi (2017): The Relevance of Effectual Decision Making in a Corporate Context. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Labitzke, Giso (2016): Maßnahmen des Innovationsmanagements zur Steigerung der Innovationsleistung im Krankenhaus. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Thomas Tandrup (2015) Capturing value from external NPD collaboration — the significant role of market information processing. DTU Copenhagen. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Ghita Dragsdahl Lauritzen (2015) Firm and user community collaboration: A complex love story. DTU Copenhagen. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Ekrot, Bastian (2015): Retaining Project Managers and Enforcing their Voice. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Marie Smed (2014) Unraveling the information potential from medical professionals in clinical trials’. DTU Copenhagen. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Erika Buonansegna (2014) Success of New Pharmaceutical Product Development – the Effect of Development Partnerships with Contract Research Organizations. DTU Copenhagen. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Meifort, Anna Kathrin (2014): The Relationship of New Product Development and Innovation Portfolio Management: An Empirical Investigation of the German Electronics Industry. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Kopmann, Julian (2014): Value Realization through Project Portfolio Management. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Koczula, Grzegorz (2014): Einfluss von Vernetzung und Informationstechnologien auf die Effizienz von Gesundheitsorganisationen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Kron, Silvia (2014): Kernelemente der frühen und späten Phase im Projektportfolio-Managementprozess für eine erfolgreiche Strategieumsetzung in Konzernunternehmen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Schwenk, Minea (2014): Antecedents and Consequences of Creativity in the Front End of Innovation. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Fowinkel, Theo (2013): Human Resource Management Systems in New Business Creation. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Hartmann, Philipp (2013): New Business Creation – An Exploratory Study of Systems for Institutionalized Radical Innovation Management and Related Performance Measurement Practices. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Meskendahl, Sascha (2013): Strategy Implementation through Project Portfolio Management. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Reimer, Tanja (2013): Umgang mit Innovationsbarrieren: Eine empirische Analyse zum Verhalten von Innovatoren. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Weibel, Michael (2013): Vertriebsdifferenzierung im Industriegütergeschäft aus Anbietersicht - Untersuchung erfolgskritischer Faktoren nach Geschäftstypen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Teller, Juliane (2012): Risk Management in Project Portfolio Environments. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Voß, Martin (2012): Customer Integration and Project Portfolio Management – Aligning Customer Portfolios and Project Portfolios. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Beringer, Claus (2012): Stakeholdermanagement im Multiprojektmanagement. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Heising, Wilderich (2012): The Integration of Ideation and Project Portfolio Management. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Unger, Barbara (2012): Project Portfolio Governance. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Zippel-Schultz, Bettina (2011): Innovationsmanagement im Krankenhaus. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Jonas, Daniel (2011): Management Involvement and Performance of Multiple‐Project Organizations. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Nehring, Wilhelm (2010): Resource Allocation and Capacity Controlling in Global Engineering Networks. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Bogenstahl, Christoph (2010): Management von Netzwerken – Eine Analyse der Gestaltung interorganisationaler Leistungsaustauschbeziehungen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Mansfeld, Martina (2010): Innovatoren -Individuen im Innovationsmanagement. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Lischka; Jan-Marc (2010): Das Management von Prozessinnovationen. Herleitung eines empirisch gestützten Erfolgsfaktorenmodells. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Rohrbeck, René (2010): Corporate Foresight:Towards a Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm. Diss. TU Berlin. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Mirow, Christoph (2009): Innovationsbarrieren. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Kock, Alexander (2009): Innovativeness and Innovation Success. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Liebeherr, Jeanette (2008): Innovationsförderliche Unternehmenskultur. Eine konzeptionelle und empirische Untersuchung radikaler Innovationsprojekte. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Salomo, Katrin (2008): Akzeptanz von Dienstleistungsinnovationen: Eine empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel der Telemedizin. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Hölzle, Katharina (2008): Die Projektleiterlaufbahn - Organisatorische Voraussetzungen und Instrumente für die Motivation und Bindung von Projektleitern. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Antje Lutz (2008) Erfolg durch Technik- und Design-Innovationen. Eine emprisiche Analyse des deutschen Automobilmarktes von 1978 – 2006. Karl-Franzens Universität Graz. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Nanja Strecker (2007) Innovation Strategy and Firm Performance. An empirical study of publicly listed firms. Karl-Franzens Universität Graz. (supervision by Søren Salomo)

Dammer, Henning (2007): Multiprojektmanagement. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Frensch, Florian (2006): Cooperation Relationships after Mergers and Acquisitions – The So­cial Side of Mergers and Acquisitions. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Zboralski, Katja (2006): Einflussfaktoren und Auswirkungen von Communities of Practice – Eine empirische Analyse von Wissensnetzwerken. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Weise, Joachim (2006): Planung und Steuerung von Innovationsprojekten. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Rost, Katja (2006): Sozialstruktur und Innovationen. Dilemmaentschärfung in Innovationsprozessen durch zielfördernde Ausgestaltung von Netzwerken, sozialen Rollen und Ressourcen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Brinckmann, Jan (2006): Competence of Top Management Teams and the Success of New Technology-based Firms. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Schultz, Carsten (2006): Management hochwertiger Dienstleistungen - Erfolgreiche Gestal­tung von Kundenbeziehungen am Beispiel der Telemedizin. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Schmidthals, Jens (2006): Technologiekooperationen in radikalen Innovationsvorhaben. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Seiferlein, Werner (2005): Erfolgsfaktoren in den frühen Phasen von industriellen Investitionsprojekten. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Krieger, Axel (2004): Erfolgreiches Management radikaler Innovationen. Autonomie als Schlüsselvariable. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Klocke, Björn (2004): Unternehmensentwicklung und Netzwerkentwicklung von jungen Nanotech­nologieunternehmen. Ableitung eines empirisch gestützten Modells zur Erklärung der Entwicklungsgeschwindigkeit. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Büschelberger, Anette (2003): Erfolgsfaktoren von Planungsaktivitäten in komplexen IT-Projekten. Eine empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Projekten zur Errichtung von Call-Centern. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Billing, Fabian (2002): Dynamische Koordination radikaler Innovationsvorhaben. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Müller, Thilo (2002): Kundenorientierung und Wettbewerbsorientierung neugegründeter Software­unternehmen. Eine empirische Untersuchung von Teamgründungen. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Thoms, Uwe (2002): Unternehmensnetzwerke. Eine theoretische und empirische Untersuchung zum Wert und zur Stabilität von inter-organisationalen Beziehungen in der Telekommunikationsindustrie. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Mauterer, Heiko (2002): Der Nutzen von ERP-Systemen – eine theoretische und empirische Analyse am Beispiel von R/3. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Hartmann, Evi (2002): Successful Introduction of B2B Electronic Marketplace Projects: An Inter-Organizational Relationship Perspective with an Empirical Analysis in German Chemical Industry. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Sträter, Kai (2001): Erfolgswirkungen von Entwicklungsaktivitäten. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Dreier, Christina (2001): Gründerteams: Einflussverteilung - Interaktionsqualität - Unternehmenserfolg. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Wurst, Katharina (2001): Zusammenarbeit in innovativen Multi-Team-Projekten. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)

Beise, Marian (2001): Lead Markets: Country-specific Success Factors of the Global Diffusion of Innovations. A Theoretical Model Exemplified by the Case of Cellular Mobile Telephony. (supervision by Hans Georg Gemünden)