Technology and Innovation Management

Teaching cooperation

More than 1000 students per year visit the courses offered by the Technology and Innovation Management Research Group. The majority of these students are enrolled in Industrial Engineering and Business Mathematics programs, but our courses are also popular among students from other degree courses and faculties. 

Mainly following a research-based teaching concept, our teaching portfolio also includes practice-oriented concepts and tools. A common theme of our modules is the application of research findings to the analysis and solution of case studies. Similarly, the application of specific tools to concrete practice problems is an often recurred-to approach in our modules.

Opportunities for teaching cooperations

  • You are interested in participating in our modules
    You are welcome to hold a guest lecture in the context of our lectures, exercises and seminars. Presenting specific issues as ‘cases’ for students to work on, under joint supervision with the teaching personnel, during exercises and seminars, can be a further option. 
    Please contact Prof. Dr. Søren Salomo to discuss opportunities for collaboration.
  • You are interested in collaboration-based master theses
    You have a specific project, or issue related to the management of technologies, innovations, or projects that you would like to address in the scope of a master’s thesis? 
    Contact Prof. Dr. Søren Salomo to discuss possibilities of jointly defining a master thesis project.
  • You are looking for suitable students for your project or tasksWe regularly connect students with organizations looking for new hires. 
    Send us your call for applications and we will be happy to disseminate it among our students.
  • You have vacancies for students
    Send us your call for applications and we will be happy to disseminate it among our students.

Current teaching cooperation

Campana & Schott

Campana & Schott ist eine internationale Management- und Technologieberatung mit mehr als 500 Mitarbeitenden in Europa und den USA.Wir gestalten die digitale Zukunft unserer Kunden und sorgen seit mehr als 30 Jahren dafür, dass technologische, organisatorische oder unternehmerische Transformationsvorhaben erfolgreich sind – ganzheitlich und mit Leidenschaft.

Top-Expertise von der Strategie bis zur Verankerung zeichnet uns aus. Gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden entwickeln wir digitale Visionen und Strategien. Wir beherrschen die gesamte Bandbreite des Projektmanagements sowie alle relevanten Technologien. Wir sorgen dafür, dass Veränderungen auch kulturell greifen und Wirkung zeigen.

Unsere Haltung unterscheidet uns. Wir stehen mehr als jede andere Beratung für leidenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und gelebte Identifikation, denn bei Campana & Schott – mehrfach ausgezeichnet als einer der besten Arbeitgeber Deutschlands – steht der Mensch im Mittelpunkt.

Zu unserem Kundenstamm gehören 33 von 40 DAX-Unternehmen sowie große mittelständische Unternehmen. Wir blicken auf weltweit über 10.000 Best-Practice-Projekte bei mehr als 2.000 Kunden sowie auf eine Wiederbeauftragungsquote von über 90 %.

Research cooperation

Focus of our research are success factors in the management of technologies, innovation, and projects. We aim both for a significant contribution to the state of the art on the one side and to develop concrete recommendations for managerial and organizational practice. This makes a collaboration with companies and organizations of upmost importance for our research projects.

You are interested in establishing joint research projects?

You have a specific matter which answer calls for a joint collaborative research approach with us? We are open for discussing collaboration opportunities with you. Possible modalities for such collaborations range from contract research projects within the scope of a doctoral project on a short term, to joint applications to internationally and nationally funded research projects.

Our wide experience in the collaboration with companies and organizations can be illustrated through the following selection of past and current partners:

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