Technology and Innovation Management
Technology and Innovation Management


Strategic Project Management – now only available in the winter term

I an alignment of our project management module portfolio, we are now offering our module "Strategic Project Management and agile Organization" only in the Winter Term. We apologize for the delay in providing this updated information in the module catalogue. The module "Managing Innovative Projects" will then be taught each Summer Term. Students interested in developing specific Project Management Competences should start with our "Fundamentals of Project Management" module and can then continue with one of the more specialized modules offered during winter and summer.

TIM Teaching Portfolio of the Summer Term 2021

Live introduction + Q&A for the TIM Teaching Portfolio of the Summer Term 2021

Monday April 12th 08:15-09:45

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„Forced Innovation“ with the chance to break routines

Home office under the conditions of corona, according to Prof. Dr. Søren Salomo, falls into the category of "forced innovation". But even a forced innovation experience can provide opportunities for those affected. How the perception of the advantages and disadvantages of home office differs among different groups and changes over the duration of the home office experience is the subject of an international study initiated by colleagues from the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology, which Salomo is supervising for Germany. 1,800 people from different professional fields and age groups participated from Germany between the beginning of the survey in March and its end in mid-June 2020, and about 700 from Austria. The interim results presented here refer to these two groups, who worked under similar conditions.

Home Office Study 2020 - first results