Technology and Innovation Management

Paola Landaeta Saldías

Paola Landaeta Saldías has a bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has graduated as a Commercial Engineer in Computer Science at the University of Talca, Chile. Her focus was on international trade between Europe and Chile. In the meantime, she worked as a tutor for the conferences Marketing I + II, informatics, and Microeconomics I. She then worked in several firms in Chile, including the Institute of Innovation in Mining and Metallurgy, IM2 from Codelco (The National Copper Corporation of Chile), CMQ (Quilpué Municipal Corporation), and as founder and CEO in Oikía, a startup dedicated to building innovative round-houses and living spaces.

Since February 2019 she has received a scholarship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and CONICYT (Advanced Human Capital Program of the Commission for Scientific and Technological Research in Chile) to study and continue her doctoral thesis in Economics. She is currently working at the Technology and Innovation Management Institute of the Technical University of Berlin, as a responsible Coordinator and Teaching Assistant in collaboration with Campana & Schott. (Winter term 2019/20, summer term 2020, and ongoing), module: Strategic Project Management and Agile Organization.

Her research project “Innovation management practices in mid-sized firms – optimal process formalization levels and digitalization of business processes” have gained a progressive interest from Latin American firms. Her overall research interests include Innovation, Project, and Sustainability management in Europe and Latin America.

Paola Landaeta Saldías

Doctoral candidate

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Peña Häufler B., Globocnik D., Landaeta Saldías P., Salomo S. (2020) Rapid Validity Testing in at the Front-End of Innovation. 27TH IPDMC: INNOVATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Brussels 2020

Morales Coutin, C. A., Landaeta Saldias, P. A., & Giaconi Mozo, S. (2003). Factibilidad de entrada comercial al mercado alemán de un producto no tradicional caso: ají picante elaborado (graduate thesis, Universidad de Talca (Chile). Escuela de Administración.)