Technology and Innovation Management

Chair of Technology and Innovation Management

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For Students

What is the potential of new technologies? How can an established firm become as innovative as start-ups? Is Blockchain for Climate Action a radical innovation? What is a product backlog in agile projects? Do you find these questions interesting? Then learn with us – engage in our TIM courses and make an impact with an interesting thesis project.

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For Researchers

We are interested in technology and innovation management. We seek to address relevant problems and opportunities. Our research is theory-driven and always seeks empirical validation. Organizational structures or processes as well as human behavior in innovation processes are of central interest to us. New technologies often enter as research subjects or support our innovative research methods. We collaborate with international research teams and promote research talents.

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For Firms

TIM research and teaching collaborates closely with innovative firms. Many of our research projects draw on data gathered in and with industrial partners. Research results are actively conveyed in industry meetings and workshops and we are always open to discussing new ideas for collaboration. In particular in teaching, we offer different opportunities for bringing students and firms together in innovative learning formats.


TIM Teaching Portfolio of the Winter Term 2021/2022

All our modules will be online this winter term 2021.

Join our TIM teaching portfolio presentation on Oct. 18th, at 12:00.

Module kick-offs:

Corporate Innovation Management: Oct. 18th, 12 PM
Organisation und Innovationsmanagement: Oct. 18th, 2 PM
Strategic Project Management: Oct. 18th, 4 PM
Fundamentals of Project Management: Oct. 20th, 8 AM
Advanced Research Seminar: Oct. 20th, 4 PM
Research Practice Seminar: POSTPONED - to be offered as block course in Q1, 2022

Fantastic success at the IPDMC 2021

The Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC) is a leading conference in the field of innovation management and new product development. This year’s 28th IPDMC (2021) was a fantastic success for us as the TIM research group: We presented three interesting papers and could even continue last year’s success of winning an award. This year, the paper titled: “Exploring Technology Strategy in Times of Convergence: The Case of Printed Electronics" (authors: Annika Wambsganss, Philip Emmerich, Stefanie Bröring, Mile Katic, Søren Salomo, Nathalie Sick, Lora Tsetanova) was granted the Thomas Hustad Best Student Paper Award! Congratulations to Annika, a PhD student at TU Berlin and UTS for such a great achievement with her first academic paper.

TIM part of BeIntelligent consortium

The TIM research group has become part of the BeIntelligent consortium led by the DAI lab. This project is about developing innovative autonomous mobility opportunities from logistic robots to autonomous buses.

PDMA PhD Award to Felix Pinkow

PDMA awarded TIM research fellow Felix Pinkow a prestigious PhD award for his thesis proposal on understanding the affect-creativity nexus. In particular, Felix’ conceptual foundation and innovative methodologica approach were highlighted as remarkable. The award comes with an obligation to present the central PhD results at the 2022/23 JPIM Research Forum.