Technische Universität Berlin
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Knowledge Exchange at TU Berlin

TU Berlin’s transdisciplinary strategy

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TU Berlin wants to make its knowledge available for society and at the same time make use of non-university knowledge in its own work. To do so, it cooperates on an equal level with non-academic partners to help find solutions to the major challenges facing society.

Knowledge exchange projects and their stories

Mushroom Art © Martin Weinhold

The Mushroom Revolution

We are used to consuming mushrooms: Bread, cheese, wine and beer are all produced using fungi. But can we also imagine sitting on furniture made from mushrooms, living in homes constructed from mushrooms or wearing clothing manufactured from them? The citizen science project “Mind the Fungi!” creates construction material, clothing and packaging from mushroom cultures.

Bike in front of TU Berlin's main building © Oana Popa-Costea

Safety in Bicycle Traffic

Wake up, eat breakfast, and then into the saddle. For many Berliners, hopping onto their bike each morning to head to work is a standard part of their daily routine. Cycling is beneficial for both the climate and our wallets, yet it can also be life-threatening. Laypersons collect data in an app for the research project “Safety in Bicycle Traffic” to prevent future accidents.

The importance of transdisciplinarity and citizen science