From Media Production to Data Protection

Instructions, tools, and contacts for digital teaching

Are you interested in providing videos for some of your course content, producing your own teaching podcast, or designing an effective interactive online course? Technische Universität Berlin offers a comprehensive digital infrastructure to help you supplement your face-to-face teaching with appropriate digital components or even replace some parts with a new digital concept.

Support offers ranging from individual advising to TU-specific guidelines help you integrate digital tools to meet the learning objectives of your course. Such work contributes to the development of motivating and participatory teaching concepts that enrich teaching and learning long term.

© Janine Rülicke

Digital teaching wiki: Information, instructions, tutorials

Are you interested in designing digital courses, holding web conferences or e-exams, or creating and implementing videos in your teaching? Instructors can use the wiki to find current information, tutorials, and guidelines for all questions about digital teaching at Technische Universität Berlin. The wiki also provides contact persons for individual support and further questions.

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ISIS learning platform

The ISIS learning platform (moodle) allows teachers to provide students with materials, upload exercises, and hold exams. The platform has a number of other communication and collaboration features as well as several practical applications to help you organize your teaching, such as defining groups or assigning topics.

Media production: From laboratory film to podcast

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Video and podcast studios

Our recording studios enable you to produce videos in front of a greenscreen, develop formulas and graphics on a tablet, make a teaching video, or record a podcast in one of our audio booths. The Online Teaching Team is happy to assist from start to end.

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Recording lectures

Recording large introductory lectures offers students an additional resource and benefits not only current but also future students in following semesters. Recorded videos are converted to internet-compatible formats and made available on TU Berlin’s video server, which is directly linked to the ISIS learning platform.

© Christos Drouzas

Equipment loans

Do you want to shoot a film in your laboratory, test hall, or test bench? The University can loan you the necessary tools. We have a broad range of equipment from simple aids for shooting with your phone to mobile greenscreens which can be put together for you in a tailored recording kit. Cameras are also available for examinations or hybrid courses.

Accessibility and data protection guidelines

© Philipp Arnoldt

Accessible teaching

From preparing your teaching materials and recording videos, through to discussing academic adjustments, we recommend considering the needs of students with health impairments from the start. This allows you to more easily make any necessary changes and offers students a fair chance to participate in their studies.

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Data-protection compliant tools

Technische Universität Berlin is subject to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Berlin Data Protection Act (BlnDSG) when processing personal information. These legal frameworks also apply to the University’s teaching. Whether for in-class voting or video conferences, only data-compliant and approved tools may be used.

Data Protection Team