Contents of the Quality Management Handbook

The central reference text for improving teaching at Technische Universität Berlin

The Quality Management Handbook for Academics and Teaching is the central resource for University members to successfully meet the increasingly complex requirements and responsibilities of quality management. It contains:

  • An overview of the legal framework for quality management
  • An outline of the quality objectives in academics and teaching for the University as a whole as well as the individual degree programs
  • A description of how these objectives are implemented in the form of workflows, responsible persons, and instruments (such as the quality dialog, degree program evaluation, teaching conference, or course evaluations) and how these are interlinked
  • The process handbook which includes all approved process descriptions

Continuous development and improvement are key to successful quality management. Technische Universität Berlin encourages all of its member to share their ideas for improvement with the responsible persons or committees.

Amendments and updates to the QM handbook are regularly added. The QM handbook is under the remit of Group 3 - Quality Management, Academic Reform and Operating Figures in Strategic Controlling: to the website of the team