Developing Academics and Teaching Through Evaluation

Measuring the quality of academics and teaching at Technische Universität Berlin

A crucial factor in a university’s success is the quality of its teaching and academics. Regular evaluation ensures not only high quality but also provides an opportunity to respond effectively to critical developing trends. How satisfied are students with their courses and general study conditions? How would graduates assess their studies in retrospect? And how about the university’s instructors? Are we as Technische Universität Berlin meeting the aims we set out in our Mission Statement for Teaching?

In addition to internal surveys, TU Berlin’s Quality Management has developed two special procedures to evaluate degree programs: the teaching conference and degree program evaluation, both used in combination with the results of the internal surveys. At faculty level, a quality dialog is conducted every two years to more closely examine strategic topics and all of the faculty’s study offers.

Internal surveys

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Course evaluations

Learn how course evaluations at Technische Universität Berlin are implemented, which questionnaires are used, and how the University takes care to ensure all voices are heard and results constructively used.

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Graduate surveys

Do the programs offered by TU Berlin reflect the current demands of the professional world? How did graduates in different disciplines experience their first steps in the job market?

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TUB-Sonar focuses on students’ view of their general study conditions at Technische Universität Berlin. They can provide anonymous feedback about both the highs and lows of instructors’ teaching and their academics. This honest feedback is essential to implementing necessary improvements.

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Instructor surveys

In the past, our students were the focus of surveys and evaluations regarding teaching. However, instructors must also be given an opportunity to share their experience. What conditions make for good teaching? What challenges do instructors face?

Evaluation software and other surveys

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Evaluation software: EvaSys

Technische Universität Berlin uses the software EvaSys to evaluate its teaching. Whether you want to request an account, training, or ask a question, you will find everything you need here.

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Junior scholars: Survey of research and teaching staff

Every five years Technische Universität Berlin conducts a survey among its research and teaching assistants and associates to collect input on topics such as working conditions, the balance between teaching, research and working on doctorates, etc., and identifying problems and opportunities.

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External surveys

Would you like to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experiences of our students, instructors, and staff? Non-members of TU Berlin can survey the University community under certain conditions. Here you will find information about the necessary steps and relevant contact persons.