Ensuring the Quality of Our Degree Programs

Degree program evaluation: Internal accreditation of degree programs at Technische Universität Berlin

The changeover to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs initiated in 2002 included external accreditation of these programs. Individual degree programs were carefully evaluated and accredited by external committees. This program accreditation has since been replaced by system accreditation: Here universities establish their own internal evaluation procedure for their degree programs and the entire quality management system is accredited.

At Technische Universität Berlin this internal review procedure is referred to as degree program evaluation and ensures we maintain our high standards in every degree program. Seven quality objectives serve as the benchmark for evaluation. These include the studyability of the degree programs, their relevance to the labor market, and the quality of advising services for individual degree programs.

Group 3 - Quality Management, Academic Reform and Operating Figures in Strategic Controlling is responsible for degree program evaluations at TU Berlin. Our staff are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns relating to the evaluation procedure.

Improving teaching together

Degree program evaluations are a key component of our quality management system for academics and teaching. External and internal specialists, instructors, and students serve as evaluators during the process. We invite you to also take part! Together, we can ensure that our teaching maintains the highest quality we have set as our benchmark.



Each degree program is evaluated every six years. The procedure consists of several phases, with the program inspection by the professional review team forming the central component.


Several University members are involved in the evaluation process: At faculty level the respective degree program coordinators, assisted by their advisor for studies and teaching, are responsible. The coordinators work closely with a representative from Group 3 in Strategic Controlling in the Central University Administration, who prepares and supervises the procedure.


The seven quality objectives form the benchmark for evaluation. Degree programs are assessed on the basis of an empirical report of the teaching evaluation results, a self-evaluation by the degree program, and systematic surveys of students and instructors in the respective degree program.


Previously accredited degree programs

All degree programs are evaluated at least once. The procedure is an ongoing process, as programs continue to develop together with the respective discipline and scientific advances. Many of TU Berlin’s degree programs have been internally accredited since the implementation of the procedure in 2015.