Learning to Teach

Skills training and exchange – ideas for innovative teaching

How do I view my role as a teacher in the age of digital media and student-centered learning formats? The programs offered by the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) provide teachers with answers to these questions as well as the opportunity to gain fresh impetus and experience to help create innovative and modern teaching which both promotes learning and reflects key issues of digitalization and internationalization. The “Teaching and Learning” program provides a real source of ideas and inspiration. It includes an introductory course entitled “Teaching for University’s Best,” which addresses fundamental elements of good teaching such as planning, teaching and social formats, use of media, and evaluating courses and programs, as well further modules on designing courses and teaching concepts. These courses look at activating teaching methods and how digital media can be used to incorporate them meaningfully into the teaching process as well as how to involve and integrate all students. Ultimately it is important to provide students with student-centered, project-based, digitally supported teaching to enable them to develop the right skills for their future careers.

The ZEWK’s offers also include English-language workshops for international teaching, a wide range of face-to-face and online courses on topics such as learning and working techniques, time management for teachers, the role of evaluation and feedback in teaching, dealing with students with different needs and backgrounds, and individual coaching on teacher behavior and other topics. Participants have the chance to acquire an accredited certificate in university teaching.

Continuing education for online, blended and face-to-face teaching

The Berlin Center for Higher Education (BZHL) offers a wide-ranging program for all teachers, including a special program for switching to digital teaching. A number of offers and resources are available to support teachers, including online courses, exchange forums, self-learning courses, supervised test spaces, and useful links.

The Berlin Center for Higher Education is funded by all 13 public universities in Berlin. These institutions have signed a joint cooperation agreement to pledge their ongoing commitment to the project. A wide range of offers is available to help teachers further their skills and acquire new qualifications. These are developed in consultation with the relevant continuing education departments at the city’s universities (in particular the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation at TU Berlin, the Center for Professional Continuing Education at HU Berlin, and the Center for Continuing Education at FU Berlin) as well as e-learning officers and experts.