Trust in Digital Services

Team & Persons

Since its launch in April 2018, the research group at the Trust in Digital Services Department has been headed by Prof. Dr. Timm Teubner. The research team currently counts five doctoral candidates and one student assistant.

Doctoral Researchers

© Florence Jaouat

Florence Jaouat

Research Associate | PhD Candidate

Research: Discrimination and inequality in the platform economy; equity crowdfunding; crowdwork; care work

© Aaron Kolleck

Aaron Kolleck

PhD Candidate | Weizenbaum Institute

Research: Individual behavior in platform-based markets; economic effects of the sharing economy

© Dennik Baltuttis

Dennik Baltuttis

PhD Candidate (external)

Research: Cyber security in the digital age, human factor and behavior in organizations

© Tobias Menzel

Tobias Menzel

PhD Candidate (external)

Research: Trust and reputation in the context of current changes in the energy industry

© Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider

PhD Candidate (external)

Research: Trust in reputation systems in the platform economy, fake reviews, digital transformation

Student Assistants

Affiliate Researchers



NameTitleCurrent Affiliation
Hesse, MaikDr.strategy&
Amri, Ines--Co-founder (stealth mode) & Director of Development and Innovation @ International Development
Abels, Christoph--N/A
Firpo, Teo--N/A
Hettich, Matthias--Deutsche Bahn AG