Chair of Smart Water Networks

Digitalization of water utilities

Smart Water Survey

The Smart Water Survey investigates how – globally – the water utility industry paradigm is changing with digital transformation (i.e., in terms of priorities, technology deployment, investments and challenges related to digitalization). After validation with a number of utilities we distributed the survey and obtained responses from more than 60 utilities worldwide. In total, 64 water utilities from 28 countries took completed the survey. The upcoming publications with the survey results are expected to help water utilities undertaking their digital transformation with their technology adoption process providing quantifiable indices. Preliminary results have been presented at the 2021 EGU General Assembly and at the IWA World Water Congress 2022. The Smart Water Survey is developed with an international team of collaborators from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Stanford University (USA), the KWR Water Research Institute (the Netherlands), and Griffith University (Australia). This work is supported by Water Europe, International Water Association (IWA), and Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN).


Project duration: since 2020

Contact person: Ivo Daniel