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on air: the CID podcast

The ide3a network is proud to present the CID podcast. The CID podcast series is a production created as a part of the ide3a project (coordinated by the Chair of Smart Water Networks) and the associated lecture series “Critical Infrastructure & Digitalization” (CID).

The CID podcast provides not only an overview of digital and technological transformations in different urban infrastructure systems such as water, energy or mobility but also valuable insights into the different research areas of the interviewed experts. Speakers of the podcast include Prof. Dr. David Bermbach, Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola, Prof. Dr. Rita Maria Ugarelli, Prof. Dr. Sangyoung Park and Prof. Dr. Monica Vitali.

In the first podcast with Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola (Chair of Smart Water Networks -Technische Universität Berlin) we go on a journey around the globe to see where water utilities are currently standing in the process of digitalisation.

In our second podcast,  we learn from Prof. Dr. Rita Ugarelli (Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering – Norwegian University of Science and Technology) about a pioneering research project “STOP-IT”   that aimed to protect water infrastructure against cyberphysical attacks. We also discuss the importance of educating professionals in the water sector to be prepared to deal with such challenges.

In the third episode, Prof. Dr. Sangyoung Park (Chair of Smart Mobility Systems – Technische Universität Berlin) helps us get a better understanding of the numerous trends influencing the transport industry, from electric vehicles, through autonomous driving to shared mobility.

In the fourth podcast starring Prof. Dr. David Bermbach (Chair of Mobile Cloud Computing – Technische Universität Berlin), we get to know about the biggest challenges and most important tasks the transport sector must face to transition towards more sustainable solutions. We also get to know SIMRA, an app developed by Prof. Bermbach and his team, aiming to increase safety in bicycle traffic.

In our final podcast episode with Prof. Dr. Monica Vitali (Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering – Politecnico di Milano) we explore the future of cloud computing and imagine how a sustainable data center could look like.

All interviews were moderated by Dóra Hegyi (Chair of Smart Water Networks – Technische Universität Berlin) and edited by Bea Meyer (Central Institution Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation – Technische Universität Berlin). The entire ide3a team would like to thank Dóra and Bea, as well as the experts for this amazing collaboration. All the podcasts are independent entities and can be listened to in any order.

More details about this podcast can be found on the webpage of the ide3a project (link).