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New open-access publication in Environmental Research Letters

In our new open access paper in Environmental Research Letters, led by Marie-Philine Gross from our Smart Water Networks team, Newsha Ajami (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) and Andrea Cominola, we present a multi-dimensional retrospective analysis (MDRA) to analyze residential water consumption changes in Southern California over the last two decades under compound hydroclimatic, economic and pandemic stressors.

We carry our a data-driven retrospective analysis of bi-monthly water meter readings collected in Costa Mesa, CA between 2002 and 2020 for 8871 residential households.  We observe an overall long-lasting decreasing water consumption trend for more than 76% of the analyzed households. Socio-economically vulnerable households were more likely to reduce water consumption during the economic and pandemic stressors. Differently, affluent neighborhoods tended to increase water consumption during or after droughts and the pandemic. Our MDRA supports utilities and policy makers to discern the impacts of different stressors on water demand and helps to identify social and economic sensitivities across a service area to develop adaptive DSMs and assistance programs.

Read the full paper: Marie-Philine Gross et al 2023 Environ. Res. Lett. 18 094067.

Flowchart of the three-step multi-dimensional retrospective analysis. Data input and output dimension, conceptual approach, and modeling method are visualized.