Chair of Smart Water Networks
We are the Smart Water Networks research group at TU Berlin and the Einstein Center Digital Future.
Smart Cities Hackathon No. 3
From 30 Nov to 2 Dec the Smart Cities Hackathon took place at the Einstein Center.
Smart Cities Hackathon

Chair of Smart Water Networks

We are the Smart Water Networks research group at TU Berlin and the Einstein Center Digital Future. Our research mission is developing data-informed and transferrable algorithms and sensor-based technologies that support sustainable, cost-effective, and just decision making (for utilities and municipalities), and awareness/sustainable behaviors (for citizens). We pursue our mission with a research approach that is:

  • multi-scale: our research addresses both single-user as well as urban (including megacities) and wider-scale global challenges.
  • multi-sector: we develop integrated models of water networks with other critical infrastructure sectors (e.g., electricity, mobility, sensor networks, etc.), including uncertainties due, e.g., to future climate scenarios, and their deriving cascading effects.
  • interdisciplinary: our research is at the intersection of data analytics and modelling, operations research, systems analysis,  water resources, urban water management, urban metabolism, and water systems modeling, design, and management.
  • based on open science: we are committed to making research more accessible to students, early-career professionals, and we are overall dedicated supporters of open science, actively publishing open access papers and codes.

Our research topic include water and energy demand modelling and management, leakage and anomaly detection, behavioral modelling, data mining, and machine learning for water and coupled human-environment systems analysis.

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Prof. Dr.

Andrea Cominola

Assistant Professor

+49 (30) 314 79707

Organization name Smart Water Networks
Office FSD
Building K
Room K 112b
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin