Stability and Failure of Functional Optimized Structures Group

Bachelor and Master thesis projects at SVFS

Current Projects for Bachelor and Master Theses

The chair SVFS offers ongoingly BSc/MSc-Thesis projects on subjects such as

- Additive Manufacturing,
- Modelling of Sustainable materials (e.g. biopolymers, recycled polymers, mycelium materials, moon dust composites, etc), 
- Elastic instability phenomena of structures,
- Composite Structures,
- Supporting the SDGs with appropriate engineering solutions (e.g. open source simulation and lab developments)
- Gender, diversity and equity in engineering and science.

Recently Completed Theses

Master's ThesisDesign einer Vorrichtung für den 3D-Druck faserverspannter Gitterstrukturen
Master's ThesisAdditive manufacturing and mechanical evaluation of continuous carbon fibre reinforced PEEK specimens
Master's ThesisAngewandte Photogrammetrie zur digitalen dreidimensionalen Erfassung kleiner imperfekter Strukturen
Master's ThesisAdditive Fertigung und mechanische Analyse hybrider Gittermaterialien
Bachelor's ThesisExperimentelle Untersuchung des Stabilitätsverhaltens seilverspannter Gitterstrukturen