Stability and Failure of Functional Optimized Structures Group

Mechanics of Fibre Composite Materials

The module is offered in winter terms.

Lecturer: Dr. Anton Köllner

The module is delivered in English. 

The module covers topics such as:

  • Manufacturing processes of fibre reinforced polymer composites
  • Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics
  • Hooke's law in 3D for anisotropic media
  • Material symmetries
  • Classical Laminate Theory
  • More refined deformation theories
  • Stability Failure of Composite Structures
  • Material Failure of Compsite Materials

Detailed information on the contents and the organisation of the module can be found on the ISIS-webpage of the module (see link below; activated at the beginning of each winter term). You may also request such information via e-mail (see below).