Quiet Areas for Studying: Everything You Need to Know About TU Berlin's Study Spaces

Opening hours, features, and locations

There are a number of study spaces available at TU Berlin managed by different units. Some of the spaces are managed by student initiatives or the University's libraries while others are centrally managed by the administration.

The rooms are open to all TU students and offer spaces for individual or group study, WiFi, and power outlets. Individual rooms may have additional features.

Centrally managed study spaces: E 027, E-N 025, H 3026, MAR U.003 (is currently not available), FH 310, EW 016, BH-N 002, TEL 106 und TEL 206

  • Current opening hours: 24/7
  • Exception to opening hours for E 027: The study room E 027 is open between 6 and 22:00.
  • Exception to opening hours for E-N 025: The study room E-N 025 is currently only available upon request and against deposit (your student ID). You can collect the key between 10 and 16:00 from the IT Service Desk. Please refer to the ZE Campusmanagement website for current information.

Decentrally managed study spaces:

Current opening hours: upon request

Please note: The centrally managed seminar rooms can also be used for studying, provided they are not being used for teaching or other events.

Current hygiene rules

You must observe TU Berlin's hygiene regulations when attending any study-related courses as well as when using spaces such as computer labs, libraries, study spaces, and foyers.

Current hygiene rules

Photo gallery of study spaces

Study room locations

  • Marker  Study space E 027
  • Marker  Study space E-N 025
  • Marker  Study space H 3026
  • Marker  Study space MAR U.003
  • Marker  Study space FH 310
  • Marker  Study space EW 016
  • Marker  Study space BH-N 002
  • Marker  Study space EB 317c
  • Marker  Study space EB 302B
  • Marker  Study space EB 327
  • Marker  Study space EB 226A
  • Marker  Study space "Aquarium"
  • Marker  Group study rooms H 4002, H 4003, H 4004, H 4005
  • Marker  Study Space TEL 106 and TEL 206
  • Marker  Group Study Rooms in the Central University Library