Canteens & cafeterias

There are number of options on the TU Berlin campus providing affordable and tasty food. In addition to the main canteen (or Mensa) on Hardenbergstraße, we have a number of cafeterias and student cafés offering rolls, coffee, and cake as well as warm meals for that well deserved break.

Here you can find canteens, cafeterias and student cafés:

  • Marker  Mensa (Canteen) TU Hardenbergstrasse
  • Marker  Mensa Pasteria TU Veggie 2.0 – The vegan canteen (Hardenbergstraße)
  • Marker  Coffeebar (Hardenbergstraße)
  • Marker  Bakery Shop (Hardenbergstraße)
  • Marker  Bakery stand TU Wetterleuchten (Main Building)
  • Marker  Staff Canteen (Mathematics Building)
  • Marker  Mathe Café (Mathematics Building)
  • Marker  Café Mathematics Building
  • Marker  Mensa (Canteen) TU Architecture (Architecture Building)
  • Marker  Café A (Architecture Building)
  • Marker  Café Shila (Electrical Engineering Institute)
  • Marker  Cafeteria EN (Electrical Engineering Institute, New Building)
  • Marker  Café Nero (University Library)
  • Marker  Mensa (Canteen) TU Marchstrasse
  • Marker  Mensa (Canteen) TU "Skyline" (TU Tower Building)
  • Marker  Café TELquel (TU Tower Building)
  • Marker  Atomic Café (Eugene-Paul-Wigner Building)
  • Marker  Café PlanWirtschaft (Civil Engineering Building)
  • Marker  WiWi-Café (Annex Building/Erweiterungsbau)
  • Marker  Café Erdreich (Building Z)
  • Marker  Cafeteria PTZ (Production Engineering Centre)
  • Marker  Bistro Sportzentrum Waldschulallee