University Life

University life is about more than lectures, seminars, and exams. Why not take in a film at the Uni-Kino, go sailing or climbing, or take advantage of a tandem/buddy program to learn a new language? Or how about setting up your own initiative? There are a wide range of options at TU Berlin to get involved, try out new sports, widen your cultural horizons, and more.

Your creature comforts are well catered for too. Studierendenwerk Berlin provides a wide range of canteens and cafeterias. Student accommodation is also available. The main campus in Berlin Charlottenburg also has a number of comfortable areas where you can relax and while away some time and also features a number of architectural highlights, such as the “Rosa Röhre” circulation tank situated on an island in the Landwehrkanal.

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Campus map

How can I find my way around campus? The following pages show you maps of various locations/campuses at TU Berlin and provide helpful information about the various buildings and services.

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Hipster neighborhood or the suburbs? Berlin has a lot to offer but looking for a place to live in the capital city can be very stressful. If you start your search in good time, you should find what you are looking for though.

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Canteens & cafeterias

There are number of options on the campus providing affordable and tasty food. In addition to the main canteen (or Mensa) on Hardenbergstraße, we have a number of cafeterias and student cafés offering rolls, coffee, and cake as well as warm meals for that well deserved break.

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Culture and sports

Sports, languages, music, cinema, or self-help workshops - TU Berlin has a wide and varied range of offers beyond its study programs to help you make contacts, organize your free time, or simply pursue your personal interests while studying.

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Getting involved

How can I get involved? More about representative committees, the international buddy program, and a whole range of options for getting involved politically or in social projects at TU Berlin.

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The Library is your point of contact during your studies when it comes to literature research, the borrowing of publications of any kind. In addition, it offers numerous other services such as group and individual workplaces etc.