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Summer Semester 2020 – digital

Summer semester 2020 will be conducted without in-presence classes - a new departure for all TU students: To help restrict the spread of the coronavirus, all faculties and chairs at TU Berlin are adapting their programs and courses to online formats. The 20 April 2020 marks the start of “Summer Semester 2020 - digital” and the official commencement of the digital lecture period. Teaching will not take place on the campus. This applies for all students at TU Berlin, including new students, as well as for all seminars and lectures. As of now, 80 percent of classes at TU Berlin have been created in digital format.

All important information for students and teachers for summer semester 2020 can be found on these webpages, which supplement the existing and updated information provided on the University´s central webpages. Even though the campus remains shut for the time being, teaching and studying will now begin in a new format. We wish everybody a successful start to “Summer Semester 2020 - digital”!

Further Information
Coronavirus: Information on TU Berlin regulations


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First semester introduction

Are you new at TU Berlin? Whether it´s obtaining your student ID or Semesterticket or following the online introductions to your studies, a great many exciting and interesting things await you in the coming weeks. We have a number of topics and some tips to help you get started in the digital semester and settle quickly in your studies.

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Digital courses

All courses in summer semester 2020 will take place online. For now, there will be no in-presence classes on the campus. The faculties are however offering a wide range of classes which will be able to function without a lecture hall or seminar room. You can view the offers for your degree program here:

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Organizing your studies

Which application deadlines are important for me? Where do I get a certificate for my health insurance? You will face many administrative issues throughout your entire studies. The Office of Student Affairs can help you with everything related to organizing your studies.

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Academic Advising Service

The coronavirus has led to many changes in our daily lives as well as our jobs and studies These changes can often result in feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness. How can I study well from home? How can I stay in contact with my lecturers and fellow students? The Academic Advising Service can help you with all the issues you have to face as a student.

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Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

The Academic Advising Service has a range of support offers to help students experiencing psychological and physical impairments avoid difficulties during their studies. We will hold a confidential online or telephone conversation with you to assess your individual situation and discuss how to proceed.

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General Students' Committee (AStA)

AStA is an organization where students look after the interests of students at TU Berlin. It provides a comprehensive advisory service to help you with the problems you face as a student, whether it´s organizing your studies and examinations, financing your studies or dealing with visa issues. AStA also keeps you up to date with what is happening in student life at the University, informs you about new developments and is actively involved at a political level throughout Berlin.

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As of 14 April 2020 and until further notice, there will not be any written or oral in-presence examinations during summer semester 2020. However it will still be possible for you to study effectively. Updated information concerning deadlines, registration for examinations and final theses is provided by the Office of Student Affairs.

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International affairs

Learning languages, expanding your study horizons and encountering other cultures. However, in addition to application deadlines and funding options for stays abroad, there are a number of additional issues to be aware of at the moment - particularly for international students and regarding student mobility.

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You want to study for an exam or research a term paper but you can´t get hold of the literature you need? No problem. The TU Berlin University Library offers a wide spectrum of online media, such as e-books, e-journals and databases, e-tutorials, and a virtual library tour and virtual office hours.

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Everything all right otherwise?

The coronavirus crisis is creating a lot of difficulties and social hardship: Lost jobs, reduced working hours, looking after children and the sick, delays to your studies. studierendenWERK offers help with current problems and general questions regarding funding, BAföG and accommodation.

Teaching staff

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Online teaching

Empty lecture halls and locked labs are not what you expect at the start of the semester. Despite this, everyone will have the chance to enjoy an effective semester with a wide range of online classes at TU Berlin. To help teaching staff, a number of units at TU Berlin have prepared information providing technical support, digital tools, options for researching as well as advisory and other services.

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Accessible online teaching

Taking account of certain aspects when switching to digital classes ensures equal opportunity of participation for students with impairments. The Academic Advising Service has put together some organizational and technical tips for teachers.

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To help with research work in summer semester 2020, the University Library is providing an advisory service for teaching staff on digital media, literature searches and open access and will also provide the literature you need when possible. You can also find useful links about copyright, free online resources and digital teaching material.

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Holding online examinations represents a major challenge for many teachers. You can find here answers to your questions about how to organize exams and documenting and dealing with problems associated with online examinations, as well as information about changing exam formats, deadlines, and forms.


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True to the motto “Divided but still together”, #TUgetherAtHome aims to provide you access to a virtual campus and TU Berlin from your homes. Our University is for now not located at its fixed point of anchor on the campus; it has become a digital network spread all over Berlin and beyond, in Germany and even abroad, in studies, the kitchen areas of flat shares and on balconies. In response to this, we are interviewing researchers working at home about their research projects, reporting on student online projects, offering sports activities where you can join others to keep fit within your own four walls, providing updates from the Crisis Committee and showing you how online teaching can work. We are constantly updating our offers and the content of our website. It is well worth checking out on a regular basis to see what´s new.