I E - Academic Advising Service
I E - Academic Advising Service
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Welcome to the Summer Semester 2021

President Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen welcomes all beginning students and newly-enrolled students at TU Berlin.
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Starting your studies

Students sitting on stairs, working with a computer © Philipp Arnoldt

Campus IT

TU Berlin’s modern IT infrastructure allows you to complete all the necessary steps for beginning your studies digitally. Whether it’s administrative formalities or registration for modules and exams, you can use different IT services to organize your studies and, for example, view and change your student data, print enrollment certifications, register for exams, order software, or use the printing service.

Hand holding TU student ID card © TU Berlin/PR/Setzpfandt

Student ID

TU Berlin issues you a student ID identifying you as a member of the University while you are studying here. Another great service: Your student ID also serves as your pass for local public transportation.

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Want to be “green” while out and about? Pack your student ID and head off! Your semester contribution fee includes a ticket for local public transportation that is valid for Berlin zones ABC during the current semester.

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Math before your studies

University math material is challenging for both math and engineering students. The Institute of Mathematics offers various preparatory courses including “Early Bird Math”, a math bridge course, math for refugees and more.

Opening ceremony at TU main building Audimax © TU Berlin/PR/Noak

New Student Day

New Student Day traditionally welcomes new students at the start of the winter semester. If you start your studies in summer semester, our recordings provide important tips for getting started and introduce important contact persons for your studies. You also get a look at the opportunities you have while studying here.

Students talking © TU Berlin/PR/Noak

Introductory events

Don’t miss them! The introductory event for your specific degree program covers important issues, such as preparing your schedule, managing your studies using the online portals, and meeting fellow students. There is an additional event to help prepare newly-enrolled foreign students for their studies in Berlin.

Students talking at MAR building © Philipp Arnoldt

TU Mentoring programs

You will face many challenges along the way as a student. These include starting out at university, everyday life as a student, dealing with exams, and making the transition from university to the working world. Students usually deal better with these situations if they have someone they can turn to for help and advice: mentors can fulfill this role.

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Contact persons

Becoming familiar with a university like TU Berlin with 34,000 students is easier said than done. A well-structured advising network is in place for almost any issue to help you and make sure you don’t feel lost.

Students in front of TU main building © Philipp Arnoldt

Campus map

TU Berlin has a number of locations throughout the city in addition to the central campus in Berlin Charlottenburg. Use the campus map to see where its many institutions and buildings are located.

View over campus Charlottenburg and Berlin © Philipp Arnoldt


Did you snag a study placement at the University but still don’t have a roof over your head? Here are a few tips to finding your home away from home. One popular and practical option in Berlin: a shared flat.

Students at the TU WiWi Café © Philipp Arnoldt

Getting involved

Criticizing is one thing, wanting to change things is another. If you don’t just want to list off problems but also have ideas how to solve them, we offer numerous ways to get involved.

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Free time

Singing in a choir, playing in an orchestra, sailing, watching films, attending exhibitions and lectures by leading figures in politics, science, culture, and industry – TU Berlin offers this and more to its students.