Technische Universität Berlin

MINTgrün pre-study orientation program

An opportunity for those with varied interests or who are undecided what to study

The pre-study orientation program MINTgrün is an ideal option for those interested in math, informatics, natural science, and technology (MINT) but who are unsure which degree program is the best fit or if university studies are the right path for them at all. MINT is short for Math, Informatics, Natural sciences, Technology. “Grün” or green represents the program’s commitment to sustainable development.

Over a period of two semesters (1 year), you gain an excellent insight into these mentioned disciplines as well as a feel for university studies. This will certainly help you with making a decision. If you choose to take up university studies after completing the program, you can get credit for your coursework in MINTgrün. This ensures that you lose no time by doing the pre-study orientation program.

MINTgrün project labs are an important component of the program, providing a practical opportunity for you to apply the theory you have learned. A further highlight are two study trips, which are held at the beginning and end of the program. Last but not least - MINTgrün participants receive a certificate of completion listing all of the modules they passed.

Has this piqued your interest? Then apply! Please note that the program always begins in the winter semester. A university entrance qualification certificate is needed to be admitted. More information about enrollment and requirements can be found on the MINTgrün webpages.