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You are required to re-register within the deadline before the start of each new semester if you wish to continue to study at TU Berlin. The printout of your enrollment certificate from tuPORT is your proof of re-registration.

You can view all relevant information regarding your personal re-registration in tuPORT.

  • Your personal semester fees and contributions (only payable by transfer)
  • Your personal reference for the transfer of fees (it is essential that you provide this, new reference per semester)
  • Details of any missing documents which you still need to upload to re-register

Notification of re-registration and re-registration deadline

You will receive your notification of re-registration in good time to your TU Berlin email address. Not receiving the notification to re-register does not excuse you from the obligation to re-register as required. We recommend you regularly check your inbox for any new emails and ensure that your inbox has sufficient capacity. If you have previously experienced problems receiving a re-registration notification by email, please contact IT support at ZECM.

You need to re-register for the following semester by the end of the re-registration deadline (see appointment below). Please ensure that you register in full and by the deadline provided. With regard to the semester fees and contributions it means, that they have to be booked on the TU Berlin bank account until the end of the re-registration deadline. To initiate the transfer to our bank account on the last day of re-registration deadline is not sufficient. Please consider the respective bank terms.

A re-registration after the deadline is only possible on condition of late fee payment until the end of the current semester.

The deadline for re-registration for summer semester 2020 was 28.02.2020,
and 20.07.2020 for winter semester 2020/2021

Which account do you need to transfer the re-registration fees to?

Bank details can be viewed in tuPORT in the "Zahlungsübersicht” (overview of payments) application. Please transfer the semester fee to the bank accounted provided there only.

IMPORTANT: Please provide the reference stated in the application. This consists of a code for the semester and your TUB ID (i.e. your matriculation number). Your money can only be booked if you provide this reference. Failure to provide the reference may lead to a delay in your re-registration.

Has my re-registration been completed?

You can find information regarding your re-registration in your student portal. You can check in your personal TU portal under "Rückmeldeinformation” to see if your re-registration has been successfully completed. You can then print out your enrollment certificate.

The e-ticket included in your student ID is only valid from the start of the semester once you have completed your re-registration.

Activating your Semesterticket for the next semester

If you have re-registered for the next semester and are entitled to use your Semesterticket, then the eTicket included in your student ID will be activated from the start of the semester. You do not need to do anything else.

If you only re-register after the semester has commenced, then your eTicket will be activated the day following your re-registration.

If you do not wish to re-register or if you are exempted from the Semesterticket, the eTicket will be deactivated.

Late re-registration

If you fail to re-register by the deadline, a late fee of EUR 19.94 is due for re-registration completed by 31 March for the summer semester and by 31 September for the winter semester. Please check the app "Registration and Re-registration requirements" in tuPORT and regard the data stated in the app "My Account Balance" for your payment. Failure to re-register by the end of the semester will result in termination of your enrollment ex officio.

No re-registration

If you do not re-register or do not transfer the re-registration fee in full, your enrollment will be terminated ex officio. You will be informed of this via tuPORT. Your TUB account will be deactivated six months after termination of enrollment.

Hardship case

You can apply for a subsidy if you can provide evidence of circumstances which make it very difficult for you to pay the Semesterticket fee. You can find further details on the web pages of AStA.

Paying the semester fee from abroad

If you are transferring your semester fee from abroad, please be aware that some banks charge additional fees for international transfers and that these are deducted from the amount transferred. To re-register, however, the required sum must be deposited in full into TU Berlin’s account . We therefore advise you to check fees with your bank in advance.

Re-registration for students with multiple enrollments

If you are enrolled at TU Berlin as a student with multiple enrollments, in other words your primary enrollment is at another university in Berlin or Brandenburg, please submit your enrollment certificate from your primary university via tuPORT by the start of the semester (01.10 or 01.04) when re-registering. The certificate of enrollment must include the subject you are studying and the number of degree semesters.

You may be required to present further documentation when re-registering. Please refer to the information in your personal TU portal.

Receipt of fees for the tax office

As proof of payment of the semester fee, the tax office accepts your enrollment certificate and a copy of your bank statement.

Video Tutorial: How do I re-register myself?


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