Technische Universität Berlin

Online services and applications for students

TUB account and TUB portal

One imperative ritual for all new students at TU Berlin is creating a personal TUB account. This student “account” allows you to use IT services on campus and your TUB portal. The TUB portal combines a variety of services and applications needed during your studies. For instance, you can request your student ID, view or change your personal information, print enrollment certificates, register for exams, order software, use the printing service, surf the web using the University’s free WLAN, and so much more.

More information about the TUB account and TUB portal

TU email account

As a student of TU Berlin, you will receive your own TUB email address. It is an essential tool for organizing your studies. Important information and reminders, such as about re-registration, will be exclusively sent to this address. Make sure to regularly check your inbox or have emails sent to this address forwarded to your personal email. This will ensure you do not miss any deadlines or changes.