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Termination of enrollment (exmatriculation)

Your membership as a student of TU Berlin ends with your exmatriculation.

You can either terminate your enrollment yourself (= referred to as termination of enrollment upon request) or your enrollment is terminated ex officio by TU Berlin under certain circumstances.

If you would like to terminate your enrollment yourself, it is critical you make an informed decision. We recommend first contacting the Academic Advising Service to learn about possible alternatives and future prospects. The advisors in the Academic Advising Service and Psychological Counseling are happy to help.

“Exmatriculation upon request” – terminating your enrollment yourself

If you would like to terminate your membership at TU Berlin yourself, you can do so using the “Application for Termination of Enrollment” (Antrag auf Exmatrikulation). Exmatriculation can then take effect the day of your request, a later date, or when the semester ends. Please enter the desired date of exmatriculation on the application form.
Please note: Retroactive termination of enrollment is not permitted as you were enrolled and still held student status until the date you submitted your request for exmatriculation.

You can request exmatriculation at any time via your TUB account (tuPORT) using the app “My requests”. If justification is required, please upload this as a PDF (max. 4 MB, file name max. 40 characters).

Note: How can I submit an application for issues of the student administration (e.g. for a semester on leave)? (Video Tutorial)

Please remember that your student ID is the property of TU Berlin and as such must be returned. If you request exmatriculation effective with the end of the semester (31.03. or 30.09.), you may keep your student ID until then. Please return the ID to Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions after the semester ends.

Once your exmatriculation has taken effect, you will find a certificate of exmatriculation in the “Certificates” app.

The Semesterticket on your student ID is immediately invalid upon exmatriculation. Your TUB account and email address remain active for 6 months. Remember to save any notices and certificates in the portal.

If you are enrolled in multiple degree programs at TU Berlin and would like to terminate your enrollment for one of these programs, please also use the “Antrag auf Exmatrikulation”. Simply indicate which degree program you would like to exmatriculate from.


“Termination of enrollment ex officio” - You are exmatriculated

Late payments or submission of proof

You will be exmatriculated ex officio without submitting an application, if, for example, you did not re-register on time; you did not pay the fees and contributions including the social contribution fee for the studierendenWERK, the student body contribution, and the Semesterticket contribution despite written reminders and notice of possible exmatriculation; or you did not submit individually required proof when re-registering.

    Your re-registration reminder in tuPORT contains information about the additional required proof.

    Completion of studies or missing coursework/examinations

    If you passed the final exam, you will be exmatriculated at the end of the semester. If you have definitely failed required coursework or an examination and did not submit proof within two months of your necessity to be enrolled to achieve a different study degree, you cannot continue your studies. The same applies if you were informed of exmatriculation pursuant to Section 16 (2) no. 4 of the Berlin State Higher Education Act (BerlHG). In this case, you will also be exmatriculated.

    The reasons listed here are cause for “termination of enrollment ex officio”, automatic exmatriculation which does not require an application.

    Information and legal implications of your exmatriculation

    Upon exmatriculation your Semesterticket is invalid and you will no longer have a public transportation pass. Your TUB account and email address remain active for 6 months. You will also continue to be able to download documents (enrollment certificates, certificates of progress of studies, transcripts) for six months. Please remember to download or print any documents you need before your access is terminated.
    You will be charged 6.14 euros per document if you require a replacement. You can pay this fee by bank transfer or cash (bank account details for general payments). Cash payments may only be made during the University Cashier’s opening hours.

    If your exmatriculation takes effect within the first six weeks of the lecture-period, the affected semester will not be included in your records. Any certificates of completion acquired during this time remain valid.

    Under certain circumstances, you may take exams after being exmatriculated. This excludes exams considered to be equivalent to coursework (Prüfungsäquivalente Studienleistungen). Please refer to the individual regulations in your study program’s currently valid examination regulations or inquire with your relevant exam team.

    If you are employed as a student assistant, please contact your personnel team to clarify any effect exmatriculation may have on your employment status.

    You are responsible for promptly informing any authorities, employers or human resource offices, health insurers, or other institutions of your exmatriculation.

    Issue of replacement certificate of exmatriculation

    If you still have access to your account, you can print out the certificate again yourself in tuPORT.

    If you have lost your certificate of exmatriculation, you can request a replacement in writing orin the TU Berlin Campus Center. You are required to pay an administrative fee of 6.14 euros for each replacement copy.


    You can pay this by bank transfer to the University’s bank account (general payments) or in cash to the University Cashier during opening hours.

    IMPORTANT: It is NOT possible to make a cash payment outside of the University Cashier’s opening hours or at the Campus Center.


    If you wish to apply for the replacement certificate in writing, please include proof of payment. Please also bring proof of payment if you wish to come to the Campus Center in person.


    The application in writing does not require a special form. Please send the letter to the responsible office - Servicebereich Bachelor or Servicebereich Master. The letter should contain the following information at least:

    • Family name, given name
    • Date of birth
    • Student ID number of TU Berlin
    • Current address
    • Information about your former studies at TU Berlin (e.g. degree, degree program, duration of studies)

    Refund of fees

    Depending on when you are exmatriculated, you may be eligible for a refund of fees. Further information is available on the page “Topics A-Z - Refund of fees”.


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