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Student ID - Campus Card

The campus card serves as both your student ID and your Semesterticket, which allows you to travel on the local public transportation systems. This student ID also allows you to access a range of computer-based services.

Photo requirements

Please note that your photo has to conform to the rules stated in the portal and requires a neutral background. Thus, please use a photo that would also be acceptable for a personal ID. If you do not have a current photo, you can also upload a selfie taken with your smartphone. Please make sure that your face is not covered. This can lead to your student ID or Semesterticket not being accepted by ticket inspectors on public transportation and a fine for riding without a ticket as well as a fee for the creation of a new ID.

Handling your ID carefully

Please handle your student ID with care. Should you damage it by laminating, hole-punching, bending, breaking, etc., and the e-ticket can no longer be read by the ticket inspector, you will have to pay a fee for a replacement ID.

Do you need a new ID? – New and replacement cards

You can request a replacement ID in your student portal (TU account) under “My Data" – "My Profile" – "Ersatzkarte beantragen".

If you are both a student and employee, select "My Data" – "My Profile" "Student" and "Ersatzkarte beantragen".

The replacement or reissue of an ID is either subject to a fee or free of charge. Please refer to the cases below for details:

  • Replacement - current ID defective but not lost (16 euros)
  • Reissue - current ID lost or stolen (16 euros)
  • Reissue - current ID disabled (16 euros)
  • Reissue - canceled termination of enrollment or revoked exemption from the Semesterticket (old ID or Semesterticket was disabled due to exmatriculation or exemption) (16 euros)
  • Reissue - re-registration at TU Berlin and former ID was not returned after exmatriculation and was lost or stolen (TUB account still active) (16 euros)
  • Reissue - ID was sent to an invalid address and you did not receive it and TU Berlin was informed of the new address after you requested the ID (16 euros)
  • Reissue - re-registration at TU Berlin and former ID was returned after exmatriculation (TUB account still active) (free of charge)
  • Reissue - if you enrolled at TU Berlin and did not receive your ID and it was not returned to the Campus Center (free of charge)

Reissue due to change of name

If your name has changed, you have to apply for an update of your personal information in tuPORT.

As soon the update is done, you will receive an e-mail and you can check your current data in tuPORT.

After the update of your data, you have to send an e-mail to the office responsible for student ID cards to receive a new student ID incl. a new e-mail address.

A Reissue due to a change of name is free of charge.

Paying for your new ID

You can pay the fee by transfer to TU Berlin’s bank account (include your matriculation number and name in the reference) or in cash to the University Cashier.

Shipping of your new ID

You will receive an email with further informaton  as soon as your ID is ready for shipping.

I think my student ID might not be working - what should I do?

It can happen that your ID is defective through no fault of your own. If your Semesterticket could not be read electronically during an inspection, you will receive a receipt with a transaction number from the respective transportation company. Your student ID will not be confiscated.

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at TU Berlin by e-mail as soon as possible (within one week). The card issuing office will first check your case. Should your card be defective, you will receive information how to get a new card free of charge. Please send a photo of your current card plus the receipt from the transportation company with the transaction number by e-mail.

You yourself are required to provide proof of a valid ticket to the transportation company within two weeks. As a rule, you will need to present a photo of your newly issued student ID as well as your current enrollment certificate when doing so. TU Berlin will not contact the transportation company on your behalf. Please see here for relevant contact forms:

  • BVG
  • S-Bahn Berlin 
  • DB Regio
  • Other transportation companies: Other transportation companies do not provide contact forms for this issue. Please use general contact forms, or email addresses and other contact options provided. Please see the websites of the relevant transportation companies for further details.

Information for students with multiple enrollments

TU Berlin should be your primary university:

If you are enrolled at more than one university in Berlin or at a Berlin and Brandenburg university, you must state which university you would like to exercise your membership rights at when enrolling. You are only required to pay fees and other dues, including the social contribution to studierendenWERK, to that university.

If you have paid fees to another university in Berlin or Brandenburg up until now and have exercised your membership rights there, then you had multiple enrollments and TU Berlin was your secondary university. In addition, you never received a student ID or Semesterticket from us.

If TU Berlin is to become your primary university for the next semester, then please contact us at the beginning of the re-registration period (to Contact form).

In this case you must pay the semester fees for re-registration at TU Berlin and upload proof of health insurance, if required. You will also require a new student ID from TU Berlin as we will issue you a Semesterticket for the upcoming semester. This ID can be issued free of charge by arrangement with a staff member in TU Berlin’s card issuing office.

Returning the campus card

Your student ID is property of TU Berlin. If you have completed your studies, exmatriculate for other reasons, or were exmatriculated, you must return your campus card either in person at the Campus Center or by mail to the Office of Student Affairs.


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