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In summer semester 2019, TU Berlin introduced the new student ID (campus card) with a new type of Semesterticket.

The new plastic card has an integrated e-ticket, your Semesterticket or public transportation pass. The Semesterticket serves as your "fahrcard" - the personal subscription transportation pass of the VBB (the public transportation authority of Berlin-Brandenburg).

The old IDs are no longer valid as of 01.04.2019.

New students: After successfully enrolling, you can upload a photo to your TUB account (tuPORT) and initiate the creation of your student ID. If you have a German address, the ID will be sent to you by mail. The integrated Semesterticket will already be activated.

If you re-register before the deadline, the ticket on the card is re-activated for the relevant semester. Should you wish to be exempted from the Semesterticket or terminate your enrollment, the ticket will be automatically deactivated from the relevant date.

In the event of loss, both the Semesterticket and ID will be automatically deactivated once a new ID has been requested and created.

Your public transportation pass is invalid once your enrollment has been terminated. It can no longer be activated with this student ID. If you take public transportation, you will be riding without a valid ticket. In case of a ticket inspection, you will have to pay a fine.

The ID's validity (e.g. for student discounts) can either be read via the QR code on the card or demonstrated by presenting your current enrollment certificate (we recommend the latter).

What is the Semesterticket?

The Semesterticket is your public transportation pass for Berlin (fare zones A, B, and C). It is valid for one semester after you have successfully enrolled or re-registered (check re-registration status in tuPORT).

Your student ID with integrated Semesterticket serves as your travel pass.

Exemption from the Semesterticket

An application for exemption from the semester ticket fee for the summer semester 2020 or winter semester 2020/2021 are to be submitted via this contact form.

 The application via the contact form is only valid for the following reasons:

  • Degree program (further educational master's program or PhD studies)
  • Holiday semester
  • Part time studies

In other special circumstances, you can submit an application for exemption from the Semesterticket fee to the Semesterticket Office directly.

Application deadline: The application for exemption has to be principally submitted until the deadline for re-registration. If you first enroll at TU Berlin, please submit this application in parallel to you enrollment.

Please only submit this form only once in a semester and not in the Office of Student Affairs and the Semesterticket Office in parallel.

In special circumstances, you can submit an application for exemption from the Semesterticket fee to the Semesterticket Office. More information is available on the application for exemption.

Exemption from the Semesterticket with pass for severely disabled / handicapped person

If you possess a pass for severely disabled / handicapped person, which is valid to use public transport, you can send us a scan of this pass for semester ticket exemption by email  (please click on "link email" to write an email). The exemption will be valid for the same time like your pass for severely disabled / handicapped person. Your electronic semester ticket will be deactivated for this duration.

Subsidizing the Semesterticket fee

You can apply to the General Students’ Committee (AStA) to receive a subsidy for the Semesterticket fee. You need to be able to demonstrate when doing so that payment of the fee would cause you considerable hardship.


+49 30 314 29999

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