Refund of fees

Under certain circumstances you may be eligible for a full or partial refund of fees paid to TU Berlin. To receive a refund, you must submit the application for refund in tuPORT.

When and how much can I be refunded?

You are eligible for a refund if you paid a fee twice or overpaid, take a leave of absence after re-registering, officially withdraw before enrolling, or terminate your enrollment after re-registering or enrolling.

Whether you receive a refund for fees already paid and how much you receive depends on the reason and timing of your request.

ATTENTION: Refundable amounts will NOT be offset against semester amounts due. Please always transfer the semester amount required for the respective semester in full. Otherwise, re-registration is not possible! You can find the semester amount for the current re-registration semester in the app "My Account Balance" in your tuPORT.

Application for refund

Use the form available in tuPORT for all refund requests. Please be sure to enter your bank details in your portal first. Then please click on the app "My Account Balance", in case of a credit, you will then find a refund button in the corresponding semester. Please find more Information here.

Information about the previously available 9-euro-ticket and the refund can be found here.

The Semesterticket Office is responsible for granting exemption from the Semesterticket in the event of a justified case of hardship as well as the resulting refund of the Semesterticket fee.

If you officially withdraw from your admission before enrolling, you first have to inform us via our contact form about your intention to withdraw. As soon, we have processed the information you can apply for the refund in tuPORT in the app "My Account Balance".

If you would like to submit an application for winter semester 2019/2020, please use these form and submit it and send it to us by post.

Administrative and late fees: Refund

Administrative and late fees are only refunded if you have not yet enrolled or re-registered.

Exmatriculation: Refund

Exmatriculation before the start of the semester:

  • If you exmatriculate before the semester begins (1 April or 1 October), the semester ticket, the StudierendenWERK and student body contributions are refunded in full.

Exmatriculation after the start of the semester:

  • If you exmatriculate after the start of the semester (1 April or 1 October) but before lectures begin, you will be refunded the StudierendenWERK contribution but not the student body fee.
  • If you exmatriculate after the start of the semester (1 April or 1 October) and after lectures begin, you will not receive a refund for either the StudierendenWERK or student body contribution.
  • For the Semesterticket, you will be compensated one sixth of the price for each full month you will not use the ticket. This means that if you exmatriculate on the 1st of a month, then the semester ticket for that started month will not be refunded.


Studierendensekretariat - IA

Organization name Office of Student Affairs
Virtual office hoursMon, Tue and Thu 9-11

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