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Proof of Health Insurance

Attention: Change in the process of proving the health insurance status

From 01.01.2022 there will be an electronic exchange between the health insurance company and the TU Berlin. If you are required to provide a proof of health insurance, please contact your current health insurance company and make sure that your health insurance company sends a notification to TU Berlin. Additionally, upload a copy of front and back of your valid and signed electronic health insurance card, which contains at least the following information: name of health insurance company, health insurance number and validity date.

If you have not yet turned 30, you must upload a proof of health insurance via your tuPORT when enrolling. If you enroll at TU Berlin as part of a multiple enrollment program, you do not need a proof of health insurance.

The following proofs will be accepted:

You have statutory health insurance in Germany

If you have statutory health insurance in Germany, please upload one of the following proofs in your tuPORT:

  • front and back of your valid and signed electronic health insurance card, which contains at least the following information: name of health insurance company, health insurance number and validity date

You have NO statutory health insurance in Germany

If you are not subject to compulsory insurance in Germany, for example because you are privately insured or insured abroad, please upload the following certificate to your tuPORT:

  • certificate of exemption from compulsory insurance in Germany. To apply for a waiver, you can address to any German statutory health insurance provider.

Alternatively, if you are insured in another EU country, you can upload the following proof to your tuPORT:

  • front and back of your valid and signed European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Please note:

  • The waiver cannot be revoked; it is valid for the entire period of study in Germany. Be sure to file it away safely. Exception: If you have not been enrolled as a student for at least one month after being exmatriculated from your previous study program, you can choose again whether you want to apply for a waiver or for statutory health insurance before getting enrolled at TU Berlin.
  • If you become employed or if you start self-employment in Germany, you must be insured according to German law.
  • Proofs of private health insurance in Germany or private or statutory health insurance in your home country will NOT be recognized and will be rejected.

Winter semester 2021/2022: Exceptional arrangement

In case you won’t be able to be physically present at TU Berlin in the winter semester 2021/2022 due to the pandemic and are therefore planning to study from abroad by taking exclusively online classes and modules, you can request a waiver from a German statutory health insurer. The waiver document confirms that you are currently not obliged to statutory health insurance.

This document is not a permanent waiver of German compulsory health insurance according § 8 SGB V.

For all questions on this, please contact a German statutory health insurer of your choice. A document from TU Berlin confirming that you’re studying exclusively online might be required. You can download this document named “Onlinestudium” (online studies) from your TUB account (tuPORT) in the app “Notices and certificates”.

This waiver certificate issued by a German statutory health insurer must be submitted to TU Berlin for enrolment by uploading it as a PDF file onto tuPORT as “Current proof of health insurance”. In case, it is valid for only one semester, a regular proof of health insurance (as described above) must be uploaded onto tuPORT when re-registering for the summer semester 2022.

Please consider, if you enter Germany during the winter semester 2021/2022, the waiver will become invalid and you have to insure at a German compulsory health insurance since the beginning of your enrollment as described above. Health insurance fees have to be paid since the beginning of enrollment as well.

Further information are available in the letter of the GKV Spitzenverband.

How to change my health insurance data?

If you change your health insurance during your studies at TU Berlin, so please send us the new data via the request "Change of personal data". You will find this request in tuPORT in the app "My requests". An appropriate proof of your health insurance has to be uploaded as attachment. Please regard, a certificate from a German compulsory health insurance must contain the health insurer number (Betriebsnummer) and the health insurance contract number (Krankenversicherungsnummer).

Have a look at the video tutorial

Type of master's program

What if my German health insurer is asking if my master's program is a consecutive or continuing education program?

  • Please first refer to Section 23 (3) of the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz - BerlHG).
  • It defines master’s programs as either consecutive or continuing education programs.
  • You will find information regarding the type of master's program you are studying in its respective study and examination regulations. Generally this information is available in Section 1.
    For example, the study and examination regulations for the Civil Engineering master’s program of 18 January October 2017:
    Section 1 - Scope of application: These study and examination regulations determine the aims and form of the study program as well as the requirements and details on how the examinations are carried out in the consecutive master’s program in Civil Engineering. They supplement the General Study and Examination Regulations of Technische Universität Berlin (AllgStuPO) with requirements specific to the degree program.
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