Certificate for Statutory Pension Insurance

If you still have access to your TUB account (tuPORT), you can print out your exmatriculation and study progress certificate again yourself via tuPORT. This certificate will be accepted by the pension insurance as proof. tuPORT will be available to you for 6 months after you have exmatriculated.

If you no longer have access to tuPORT, you can obtain a certificate for the purposes of the statutory pension insurance for the periods of university attendance from the TU Berlin Office of Student Affairs. To do so, please sign and submit the corresponding application form to the Office of Student Affairs.

Please note that there are currently delays in the processing due to increased inquiries. We kindly ask you to refrain from further inquiries regarding the processing status. Thank you for your understanding.

There are two ways for you to apply:

Application bye-mail  (your e-mail should contain at least the following information and attachments):

  •  Completed and signed application
  •  Identity card/passport (Please note that you mark your ID card as a copy. You can blacken all data except your full name and your birth date.)

Application by mail to the Office of Student Affairs:

Please send us the corresponding application form filled out and signed in paper form by mail.
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135
D - 10623 Berlin

If you have submitted the application by mail, please do not submit it additionally by e-mail.