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Apostille and Legalization

If you want to use an official document from TU Berlin abroad, you many need to have it certified with an apostille or legalization (certification for documents for abroad).


Due to the currently valid corona regulations, official certifications and pre-certifications can only be requested and returned by mail (address: TU Berlin, Office of Student Affairs, IA2, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin). Furthermore, you can pay the fee only by transfer to TU Berlin’s bank account.

Pre-certifications by TU Berlin

As a rule, you require a pre-certification from TU Berlin for transcripts and certificates of TU Berlin you wish to have certified for use abroad. You can request pre-certification in the Examination Office (for transcripts and degree certificates) or at the Campus Center (for enrollment certifications, continuing education master's program certificates, and doctoral degree certificates). Bring the original document(s) with you.

In principal, pre-certifications are made on the original document. However, some countries accept a pre-certified copy. Please ask the embassy of the country in which you want to use the document whether you need a legalization or an apostille. You must pay 2 euros for each copy that is to be pre-certified. You can only transfer the fee to TU Berlin’s bank account.

Fill out and bring the application for official certifications and pre-certifications, the original documents, and any copies with you to the Campus Center during office hours. Please be aware that you may have to wait to be seen.

Pre-certifications cannot be undertaken immediately. You can generally collect the documents after two or three days from the Campus Center. You will be informed by email when they are ready.

Please do not send the above documents via standard mail. We cannot guarantee that these will not be lost in transit resulting in the issue of replacement documents for a fee.

Certification of official documents for abroad: apostille and legalization

There are two forms of certifications: the apostille and legalization.

The apostille is the simplified form. You can obtain an apostille directly from the State Office for Resident and Regulatory Affairs (Landesamtes für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten - LABO). However, this can only be done for certain countries. For further information and a list of specific countries, please refer to the Federal Foreign Office website.

For all other countries, you require a legalization. LABO will first issue you a further pre-certification. Take this pre-certification to the embassy or other diplomatic mission of the country for which you need the document. The diplomatic mission can issue you the legalization.

Some countries require yet another certification from the Federal Administration Office before the legalization. Learn more about this topic from the Federal Administration Office.

Further information about the procedure and costs is available on the State Office for Resident and Regulatory Affairs website.


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