Degree Programs Due to Expire

Diplom and Magister degree programs were discontinued after the transition to the graduated study structure with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The bylaws regarding completion of final examinations for discontinued Diplom and Magister study programs at Technische Universität Berlin (Auslaufsatzung - AuslaufSa) govern when your right of examination exists and when it expires - after expiry, you are no longer able to continue your studies in this degree program. Please find out in good time when your right to take the final exam in your Magister or Diplom program expires and which alternatives are available to you.

Options for degree programs due to expire

Transferring to a related bachelor’s degree program

If you transfer to a related bachelor's program within the deadline, you will be enrolled in the last semester of your new program’s standard period of study. It is not possible to transfer programs after your right to take examinations has expired in the discontinued degree program.

Please find detailled information on the German website.

Transferring to a different bachelor’s program

If there is no related bachelor’s program in which you would like to continue your studies, you can change degree programs by applying and enrolling as required within the respective deadlines.

Where can I seek advice?

You can contact the Academic Advising Service or the relevant Course Guidance to find out whether there is a bachelor's program related your Diplom or Magister degree program.

Contact Undergraduate Admissions for information about applying or changing degree programs.

Special request due to exceptional circumstances

In justified individual cases, you can submit a special request due to exceptional circumstances pursuant to Section 2 AuslaufSa. If your request is approved, you will be permitted to take exams after the last examination deadline. However, the hardship case must have occurred before the discontinuation of the degree program.

Please refer to the bylaws (Section 2(3)) for a list of accepted justifications for hardship.

You must submit your special request including suitable proof in writing to the relevant examination board before the last examination deadline. It must be clear in your request why the claimed case of hardship should lead to an extension of the course of study beyond the date of discontinuation of the degree program and how many examinations are still outstanding. Your request must also include a suggestion as to how you could continue your studies to acquire your intended degree (degree schedule).

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