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Academic leave of absence

You can take a leave of absence from your studies if you can submit proof of valid reasons. You must submit an application for a leave of absence stating your reasons.

Reasons for taking a leave of absence

Important reasons for taking a leave of absence can include study abroad, an internship, or personal illness, the birth of a child, illness or care of a child or other relative, and the care of a child up to age 6 for a maximum of three years.

Possible duration of a leave of absence

As a rule, a leave of absence is granted for one semester and a maximum of four semesters. In individual cases, this maximum limit can be extended if you provide proof of sufficient justification. If you take parental leave, you can be granted a leave of absence for a maximum of six semesters.

Application for leave of absence

Submitting an application

You remain a member of the University during your leave of absence. For this reason, varying semester contribution fees must be paid during the leave of absence.

Applications for leave of absence can only be submitted online via tuPORT.

Note: How can I submit an application for issues of the student administration (e.g. for a semester on leave)? (Video Tutorial)

Information on possible proofs for a semester on leave and the different semester fees corresponding to the reason is available here.

Leave of absence during multiple enrollment

If you are still enrolled at another university in Berlin or Brandenburg and pay the semester fees there, upload a current enrollment certificate with your application for leave of absence. It is important that you apply for a leave of absence from all universities at which you are enrolled.

Leave of absence when enrolled in two TU Berlin programs

If you are enrolled in multiple degree programs at TU Berlin, you are granted a leave of absence from all degree programs simultaneously. You are only required to submit one application.

Time of application

Information and legal implications of leave of absence

Participation in courses

The following applies as a point of principle: Leaves of absence do not count as degree semesters but they do count towards your total number of semesters at the University.

During a leave of absence, you lose your right to take courses. Your other rights remain affected.


1. If you are granted leave to care for a child up to age 6, you are permitted to attend courses during leave.

2. If you gradually take up studies again after illness, you are permitted to attend courses.

Please inquire with the Examination Office about the legal consequences a leave of absence has on deadlines for re-taking examinations, submission deadlines for final theses, etc.

Taking a leave of absence does not extend the deadlines laid down in the Auslaufsatzung (bylaws regarding completion of final examinations for discontinued study programs) regarding final opportunities to take final exams in Diplom and Magister study programs that are being discontinued at TU Berlin.

Examinations during a leave of absence

You are permitted to take exams held outside of courses during your leave of absence. However, special regulations apply which you must observe: You are not required to submit both an application for leave of absence and an application for an extension of repeat examinations to the examination board as no deadlines apply during a leave of absence. Once the leave of absence has ended, the deadlines again take effect without special notice.

If you are scheduled to submit a final thesis during the leave of absence and will be unable to submit the thesis on time, please submit an application for an extension providing the specific reasons for your application.

Are you registered for oral and written examinations during the leave of absence and would like to cancel your registration? In this case, you must actually cancel your registration as you will otherwise be marked as absent from the exam and receive a grade of 5.0.

Financial implications

You will not receive BAföG during your leave of absence.

You are responsible for clarifying the effects of your leave of absence on the payment of child benefit with the relevant Family Benefit Office.

If you are in an employment relationship that is based on your student status, you should consult your employer before applying for leave.

If the reason for your leave of absence exempts you from paying the StudierendenWERK contribution, you are permitted to live in a StudierendenWERK dormitory for a maximum of one semester.


If you are taking a leave of absence, you can be exempted from paying the Semesterticket fee. You must submit an application for exemption from the Semesterticket fee together with your application for a leave of absence in tuPORT.

In this case, you must submit the “Request of Exemption from Mandatory Semesterticket Fees” together with the “Antrag auf Beurlaubung”. You must submit a separate request for each semester you wish to be exempt from the Semesterticket fees.

Once your application for exemption is approved, your e-ticket on your student ID will be automatically suspended for the requested time frame.

The later you request exemption, the less you will be refunded. If you submit your request after the semester has started, you will be compensated one sixth of the price for each full month you will not use the ticket.

More information is available from the Semesterticket Office.

Consequences of studying part-time

If you are a part-time student, part-time studies ends automatically when a leave of absence is approved. If you would like to re-register after your leave of absence, you will be enrolled in full-time studies. If you would like to return to part-time studies after a leave of absence, you must re-submit an application for part-time studies in your TUB account (tuPORT) via the app “Submit applications”.


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