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General information about QISPOS

Online registration is available for a number of compulsory and compulsory elective module exams in bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Elective modules generally need to be registered directly with the exams team for the relevant degree program.

Online registration is possible for the first examination attempt and the first repeat. If you need to repeat the examination a second time, you have to register directly with the exams team.

If online registration is possible, students are REQUIRED to register online using QISPOS. Please note that examination registration is only open during specific registration periods. After the deadline, it is only possible to register directly with the relevant examination team in the Examination Section. This also requires written agreement from the examiner.

Information about module examinations currently available for you are provided in the QISPOS online examination registration system. If you then select your degree program and the relevant examination regulations, you will receive an overview of all module examinations assigned to your degree program. You can also see if the examination can be registered for online and which deadlines apply.


I received the following error message concerning requirements for registration “Voraussetzungsfehler! Student hat noch nicht alle erforderlichen Vorleistungen erbracht.” (meaning that not all credits necessary to register have been obtained). However, th

Unfortunately, this error message is very general and depends on the student accounts.

This error message generally occurs if

- you try to register a module in an area of specialization you have already successfully completed. You should register the module with the Examination Office in another area or as a free elective or additional module.

- you try to register the module in another area of specialization. If you have entered the incorrect area of specialization, please contact your examination team to have this corrected. Should you not be able to go to the Examination Office before the registration deadline elapses, then it is better to register the module in an incorrect area of specialization. You should then arrange to have the area of specialization amended as soon as possible and your modules reassigned.

- You have already taken and failed an examination. Please register your second attempt in the same area of specialization. Otherwise you will receive this error message.

Should none of these solutions work, please contact us via our contact form.

I have no access to the exams I have registered for since the update. Could you provide me with access?

Unfortunately it takes somewhat longer to call up the information for registered examinations. The error occurs as soon as you click twice on a page while it is loading. Please click again on the information for registered examinations and wait a little.

I have changed degree programs. I cannot view my accredited modules in my new degree program. What do I need to do in order to be able to view them again?

The examination team in the Examination Office are informed of modules approved by the examination committee so that they can then be added to the current degree program. When you view your transcript of records in QISPOS, accredited modules are marked with an asterisk.

I was unable to register online in time for the module examination. What can I do now?

You have to obtain permission to retroactively register for a QISPOS examination from your academic chair and present this to your examination team in IB.

It is only then possible to register retroactively for the examination in question.
If your academic chair or the exams team do not provide you with this permission, this may be due to certain criteria not being fulfilled and you will not be able to take part in the examination.

I have changed my degree program starting the coming semester but I cannot see it in QISPOS.

The degree program will be automatically transferred to QISPOS at the start of the semester, i.e. on 15.04 or 15.10. At this point, you can register for examinations in this degree program.

I would like to deregister for a module examination online, but there is no link allowing me to do so.

There are two reasons why the link “Prüfungsanmeldung stornieren” for canceling examination registration is not shown

1. The deadline for deregistration has already elapsed. At this point it is no longer possible to register. Registration and deregistration deadlines for your module examination can be found at:

Please note that it is possible to deregister online via QISPOS up to one day before a written or oral examination. The conditions for degregistration are set out in Section 50 of the AllgStuPO (AMBl TU Nr. 1/2014). If you think the date shown there is incorrect, please contact us.

2. No deregistration date was provided. In this case, please contact us so that we can ask the faculties to provide a date.

The transcript of records shows different credit point totals. The number of credit points under master’s qualification is different to that for my overall account. Why is that?

Student accounts for calculating the transcript of records are updated automatically, usually during the night or on the weekend. If your credit points have not been updated by the following day, please notify us via the QISPOS contact form. We will then manually update your student account so that both accounts show the correct number of credit points.

Grades from previous semesters are missing from my transcript of records. Who do I need to contact to have these added?

For questions relating to problems with the information contained in your student account (e.g. missing grades), please contact your exams team or inquire within your academic chair.

After entering the verification code for enrollment certification, the system asks me for the code again. How do I know if the verification has ben successful? Content

No verification is required for the printout of a certificate of enrollment; this only serves as proof that the PDF printout is genuine.

Economics: I can’t register for any module examination in QISPOS. Why is this?

There are 2 examination regulations for this degree program. Only students whose degree program is covered by the examination regulations from 2007 can register online in QISPOS for module examinations.

Teacher training programs: I can’t register for any module examination in QISPOS. Why is this?

It depends on which examination regulations apply to your degree program. Not all teacher training degree programs are represented in QISPOS: See here for a list of all teacher training programs which are represented in QISPOS.

Natural Sciences in the Information Society: How do I register for “Mathematik für Physiker” modules 1-4?

These modules are assigned to the degree programs Physics, and Natural Sciences in the Information Society.
Students studying in the Physics degree program can register via SAP.
Students studying in the Natural Sciences in the Information Society degree program should request proof of courses taken from their academic chair and present these to their exams team in order to register.

Transport systems: I wanted to register for module examination 60012 “Einführung in das Verkehrswesen” and received the error message that I have not fulfilled the requirements for doing so: “Voraussetzungsfehler! ..." However, there are no requirements.

The error does not refer to fulfilling prerequisites for the module. This error message is generated by QISPOS if you try to register within an area of specialization other than those you have already chosen. You can only complete your registration if you also register the module examination within your area of specialization.
Please note that when you register within an area of specialization, all further module registrations also have to be made within this area of specialization. This refers specifically to the following modules:
• planning and operation
• vehicle engineering
• aeronautics and astronomics
• naval architecture and ocean engineering
If you make a mistake when registering, please contact your exams team who will amend your account and reassign any modules as required.

Industrial Engineering and Management: I can’t register for module examination 41025 “Konstruktion I“. Error message: “Voraussetzungsfehler! Student hat noch nicht alle erforderlichen Vorleistungen erbracht.“

This module can be registered within the following areas of specialization:
• mechanical engineering
• chemistry and process engineering
• transport systems

If you have already chosen an area of specialization, you can only register online within this area of specialization. If you try to register for this module in another area of specialization, you will receive an error message. Your exams team can change the area of specialization if necessary and re-assign modules.

Industrial Engineering and Management I can’t register for module examination “Mechanik E“. Error message „Voraussetzungsfehler! Student hat noch nicht alle erforderlichen Vorleistungen erbracht.“

You have already registered for or passed modules in an area of specialization. If you are specializing in chemistry and process engineering, energy and resources, mechanical engineering or transport systems, then you can register for the “Mechanik E” examination within one of these areas of specialization. QISPOS will not allow you to register using other areas of specialization.
If you wish to change your area of specialization, please contact your exams team as it is necessary to amend your student account.