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Module examinations

Register for a module examination

Registration for a module examination is always binding. You can use your personal TUB account to register for an examination in QISPOS or the SAP app. If you are unable to register for a module examination in QISPOS or SAP, you must submit the registration form to your examination team.

Registration periods

The registration period for module examinations generally begins 15 April for the summer semester and 15 October for the winter semester. As a general the Examiners set the registration deadline, if they do not the deadline:

  • for written examinations is one week before the exam date,
  • for portfolio assessments it is latest the day before the exam date/first component, in general 31 May for the summer semester and 30 November for  the winter semester.

If you missed the registration period, you can submit a late registration.

De-registration and withdrawal from a module examination

De-registration from a module examination

Deregistration from Exams

You can de-register from an exam without providing a reason up to three days before the written and oral exam, up to the day befor the first component of portfolio. For other examinations, for example homework, the examiners determine the deregistration deadline.

Withdrawal the day of examination


If deregistration is no longer possible (three days befor written or oral exam date or the day befor the first first component in Portfolio-Exam), students may withdraw. They must always submit proof of the reason for their withdrawal request (Section 63 (6)). Withdrawal must be submitted to the examiner and the examination office on the day of the exam (befor the beginning) at the latest. To withdraw, for example due to illness, you must submit the form for de-registration and withdrawal  including the reasons for withdrawal and the corresponding necessary documentation (gelber Schein, Attest). Both documents must be submitted to your examination team no later than five days after the exam date.

Repeated withdrawal from an exam due to illness

Depending on the module examination, withdrawal the day of an examination due to illness is permitted a maximum of two times with a sick note (Gelber Schein). Should this happen a third time, you must submit a detailed sick note (Attest) or equivalent detailed written statement from your physician in addition to your declaration of withdrawal. Both documents must be submitted to your examination team no later than five days after the exam date. The Attest cannot be issued after the exam date.
The relevant examination board for your degree program will make a decision regarding your inability to take the exam on the basis of the doctor’s information. The rule applies regardless of which attempt (first, second, last) and regardless of whether the withdrawals due to illness are successive.

Withdrawal from an exam due to illness of a child

If your child’s illness causes you to withdraw the day of the exam, then you must submit a sick note for your child in addition to the  form Withdrawal of Registration for an Examination.

Such withdrawals are not counted towards the multiple sickness-related withdrawals rule for an examination.