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Please use our contact form to submit written inquiries. If you need to attach a file, please contact us by email: ib3(at)pruefungen.tu-berlin.de.

Please note: For reasons of data privacy, personal data can only be sent to TUB email addresses. We therefore kindly request you to contact us using your TUB account . If you have set up a forwarding, please include your TU e-mail address in the cc of your e-mail.

In a WebEx consultation hour you can reach us
Tuesdays from 10-11 

In an on-site consultation hour you can reach us
Thursdays from 12-14 
(different office hours during lecture-free periods and on holidays, please note our news)

Please note that you need to install the WebEx client; in this format we can provide individual-related information.

Referat Prüfungen - Team 3

+49 30 314 22509

Organization name Student Services
Office IB3
Building Hauptgebäude
Room Erdgeschoss: Bereich 0C, Raum 0019
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin