Technische Universität Berlin

Register for and de-register from exams

You must first register for any exams you wish to take. If you take an exam  without registering,  you will not receive credit for the exam.

Examination regulations

Different regulations apply depending on the degree program and type of assessment or examination. You can find the rules that apply to you in the General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin (AllgStuPo) as well as in your degree program’s study and examination regulations.

The General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin contain comprehensive rules about organizing your studies and exams. These rules have precedence over the specific study and examination regulations of the degree programs. The specific regulations contain rules and information about the type of examinations, their scope, and examination registration.

Before your first exam

When you begin your studies, you must submit the  Declaration on Commencing Studies before taking your first exam. Sign the declaration and mail it together with a copy of your ID or passport to your examination team or place the documents in your team’s mailbox.