From MINTgrün pre-study orientation program to mathematics degree

Eva Müller successfully studied in the MINTgrün pre-study orientation program at Technische Universität Berlin in winter semester 2018/2019 and summer semester 2019. She started a mathematics degree in winter semester 2019/20. Here she discusses her experience in the MINTgrün program and her choice of degree program.


Eva Müller from Aachen

MINTgrün subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science
Favorite subjects at school: mathematics, physics
Degree program: Mathematics

Interview in winter semester 2018/19

Why did you choose to do a pre-study orientation program?

I already knew at school that I wanted to study something with mathematics, science or technology, but I wasn’t exactly sure what. Then I came across the orientation program on TU Berlin’s website and I thought to myself: That’s just what I’m looking for. I wanted to take a year to check out what studying at university is about and see what would be best for me.


Sciences are my thing, what I most enjoy.

Can you tell us three things about the MINTgrün program that makes it special for you?

One thing is the freedom of choice: In theory, I can check out every degree program. Then there is the freedom regarding exams: Even if I fail, it doesn’t really matter. And finally I would say the fact that you don’t feel all alone. It was very reassuring for me to know that I am not the only one who doesn’t really know what they are doing.

Why did you choose TU Berlin?

I am from Aachen and I wanted to study somewhere else. Berlin was always my dream. I had a look to see which universities are in Berlin and I came across TU Berlin and its orientation program which was perfect for me.

You have been here for three months now: Is studying how you imagined it to be? Has anything surprised you?

I expected it to involve a lot of work and keep me really busy. I have to say though that I am a little overwhelmed at times by what is expected, so I am really happy that I decided to do the pre-study orientation program. But I was actually surprised by how quickly I got used to studying. I thought that would take much longer. But despite the stress involved it didn’t take so long to get used to things.

What are your favorite classes in the MINTgrün program?

I am currently taking three courses and I am really enjoying all of them: Dr. Gabriele Penn-Karras’ course in “Analysis and linear algebra for engineering” as well as “Classical physics for engineers” and “Introduction to programming”. I like the courses very much and the lecturers as well. Study islands have been set up for “Analysis and linear algebra” where you can ask any questions you have from 8:00 until 18:00. I think that’s really great.

Do you already have an idea what you want to do after?

I am considering studying mathematics. At the moment I am only attending the mathematics for engineers lectures, but I find them almost a little too straightforward and I can imagine studying mathematics on a deeper level. That would have been impossible before MINTgrün. So it really has helped me there. I also quite enjoy computer science and can see myself doing that as a minor subject. I have completed three months now and I am sure I will be able to make my final decision next semester.

One year later: Winter semester 2019/20

Which subject did you decide on after MINTgrün?

I am studying mathematics at TU Berlin.

Did taking the MINTgrün pre-program help with your choice of degree?

Yes. MINTgrün gave me an insight into courses for mathematics students and as such a chance to start studying mathematics.

Do you feel you made the right choice?

Yes, I am very happy so far with the choice I made.

Please note:The interviews have been transcribed from spoken recordings. Some of the original comments have been abridged.