Requirements for Admission to a Degree Program

Formal requirements for admission to a degree program

What exactly are formal requirements for admission to a degree program?

In addition to an application submitted in full within the specified deadline, the most important requirement for admission to a program at Technische Universität Berlin is a university entrance qualification or master´s entrance qualification.

University entrance qualification for an undergraduate degree

For undergraduate degrees (bachelor´s or Staatsexamen), you require either a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification. Undergraduate degrees are defined as programs which lead to a first university qualification.
A general university entrance qualification entitles you to study any degree program of your choice, whereas a subject-specific qualification only entitles you to study in certain degree programs. The certificate itself will indicate which kind of qualification you have. The qualification serves as proof that you qualify to study at TU Berlin on the basis of your school grades.

Please note: A qualification entitling you to study at a university of applied sciences only does not entitle you to study at TU Berlin.
Further information about applying can be found on the following web page.

University entrance qualifications from other countries

A university entrance qualification obtained on the basis of your school grades in your own country may also qualify you for direct admission to university in Germany. If this, however, is not the case, then you are required to attend a preparatory school prior to commencing your university studies. You can find out here about applying for a degree with non-German school certificates.
TU Berlin runs its own preparatory school.

Studying with professional qualification but without an Abitur

You can still, under certain circumstances, apply for an undergraduate degree leading to a bachelor´s or Staatsexamen at TU Berlin without a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification. Further Information

Qualifying for a master´s program

A master´s program leads to a higher university degree. The formal requirement for master´s programs is a qualification entitling you to study in a master´s program, in other words a completed undergraduate degree (e.g. a bachelor´s). In addition to this formal requirement, you are also expected to fulfill the subject-specific requirements for admission to a master´s program. For further details see below.

Detailed information can be found on the following website.

Language requirements: Level of German, foreign languages etc.

German is required for all undergraduate degree programs. See here for further information about applying.

The language requirements for master´s degrees vary from program to program. Master´s programs are offered in German and/or English. Please see here for information regarding individual degree programs.


Subject-specific requirements for admission to a master's program

There are often subject-specific requirements for master's programs in addition to the formal requirements.

A bachelor's degree in a specific subject, credit points for particular modules or language skills and internships: These requirements are specified in the application and admission regulations for your master's program. Further information is available on the following pages.

For questions regarding your previous degree and subject-specific requirements, please contact Course Guidance for the relevant faculty.

Health insurance

The fifth Social Security Code stipulates that all enrolled students in Germany are required to have statutory health insurance. As such, it is not possible to enrol without health insurance. You can find further information and regulations regarding exceptions here.