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Application for First Degree Semester

Prospective students with a German higher education entrance qualification

If you are or were already enrolled at TU Berlin for the program you wish to study, you may not apply for the first degree semester.

Note for applicants with professional qualifications (without a university entrance qualification obtained at school / Abitur)

You should apply directly to TU Berlin and not via All the information you require can be found on the following web page.

Note for bachelor´s programs with teacher training option

Only apply for admission to the core subject. Should you be admitted, you will be requested to submit an application for allocation to a secondary subject along with your enrollment documents and to provide three choices of secondary subject ranked in order of preference. Please be aware that only a limited number of places are available for secondary subjects and we may not always be able to allocate you to a subject of your choice. At TU Berlin, it is possible to study three admission-free secondary subjects. For possible subject combinations, please see the list of combination options for secondary subjects.

The process of allocating secondary subjects to admission-restricted and open admission programs commences mid-September! More information will be provided in your letter confirming admission.

Note on changing the secondary subject:

If you would like to change your secondary subject, please submit a request to change secondary subject to TU Berlin within the application period from 01.06 until 15.07. Please note: Submission is only possible in the way, described on the form. It is only possible to change your secondary subject in the winter semester!

1. Registration with

Please first register with

You will then receive a BID (applicant ID) and a BAN (applicant authorization number). You require both of these to apply. If you previously registered with, you do not need to register again.

2. Application

You should now log in to using your user name and password and create an online application for TU Berlin. You do not need to upload or submit certificates and proofs (e.g. Abitur) when applying. You will only be required to do so to enroll once admitted.


  1. Students wishing to submit a special request in addition to their regular application.
  2. Students applying for a second degree program.

In such cases, you need to submit these additional requests together with the required documents directly to TU Berlin additional to the main request at before the deadline for submitting applications (view deadlines). On the form you will find the information, how to submit the documents.

You can submit up to three online applications for a first degree semester at TU Berlin. You should make 12 applications in total.
The ranking (prioritizing) of your applications is very important. If you are offered a place, all other offers which you ranked lower will be definitively withdrawn. It is therefore very important that you place the program you most wish to study at the top of your ranking.

3. Admission approved

If you are admitted to a program (in other words if you receive a place), you can download confirmation of this from hochschulstart.

This confirmation will also inform you of the deadline for enrolling. You must enroll providing all necessary documents and payment of the semester fee by this date. If not, your place will be offered to another applicant.


Study places for these degree programs which have not been allocated after completion of the admission procedure, will be allocated by means of a lottery system.

How to contact us:

Organization name Office of Student Affairs
Office IA 2
Building Hauptgebäude
Room 0013
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Status of Your Application and Admission: