Allocation Procedure for Study Places

Allocation procedure for programs with free admission (no Numerus Clausus)

For programs with free admission, there is no restriction on the number of study places. This means that all applicants wishing to enroll who meet the formal requirements - as well as subject-specific requirements for master´s programs - will be awarded a study place.

You are however required to provide proof of university entrance qualification (for bachelor´s programs) and qualification for a master´s program (for master´s programs) as well as proof of required language levels for the degree program. For master´s programs you are additionally required to submit proof that you meet the subject-specific requirements.

For further information about how and when to submit these proofs, please see Applying and Enrolling.


Selection procedures for programs with restricted admission (with Numerus Clausus)

There are a limited number of places for programs with restricted admission. This means that you always have to apply for these programs.

All applications submitted are subject to selection procedures and allocation procedures. Not all applicants will be admitted to the program they wish to study.

If you are admitted, then you need to apply for enrollment.

Any remaining places available will then be allocated on the basis of clearing procedures (Master) or clearing procedures (1st degree semester/Bachelor). Should there then still be any places available, these will be allocated on the basis of a lottery system (higher degree semester for a bachelor's program) or a lottery system for a master's program.

Please see Applying and Enrolling to find out how to apply.