Technische Universität Berlin
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Studying at Technische Universität Berlin

Diversity, atmosphere, prospects, freedom, internationality Five students explain why they enjoy studying at Technische Universität Berlin

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Organizing your studies

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Study Spaces at TU Berlin

There are a number of study spaces available at TU Berlin managed by different units. The rooms are open to all TU students and offer spaces for individual or group study, WiFi, and power outlets.

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Winter Semester 2021/22

How will winter semester 2021/22 at Technische Universität Berlin be organized? Students and lecturers find an overview of current information here.

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TU Berlin University Library

Find resources, course offers, and work spaces, and use online resources: The Main Library, department libraries, and subject and institute libraries at Technische Universität Berlin offer a wide range of services.

Student perspectives

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Campus E-Moped

The Simson moped can be converted to an electric motor faster than you can build a cabinet. Students in the Second-Hand Mobility project laboratory proved this, making a significant contribution to a more climate-friendly environmental balance sheet for this popular vehicle.

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Guidance from Students with First-Hand Experience

Anyone looking for authentic advice concerning their degree program should contact the course guidance service for their faculty. This is an advisory service provided by students for students and prospective students, Inken Czesla is one of them.

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An Image of Horror

Laura Simak is writing her master’s thesis in the divided and crisis-riven city of Beirut and reports on an extraordinary summer semester spent in the Lebanese capital.

Student commitment

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Scrap Bike? No way!

The project “Aus Schrott mach Rad” (Bikes from Scrap) upgrades old scrappy bikes into “new” functional bikes, art, and furniture.

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Become a Buddy

The buddy programs at Technische Universität Berlin bring together students from Europe and the rest of the world - Anna from Germany and Fabio from Italy are just one example.

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Succeeding as a Blind Person in a Digital World for the Sighted

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are 76,740 blind persons; 51,094 persons with severe vision impairment; and 452,930 people who are visually impaired in Germany. How can disabled persons can be included in the digital professional world? In a three-part podcast, TU students examine the everyday working life of people with visual impairments.

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Student Ambassadors from TU Berlin

Kaunas, Mexico City or Santa Barbara: Approximately 20 TU Berlin students are part of a campaign titled “weltweit studieren - ERLEBE ES”. As correspondents, they offer a look at their student life abroad.

Social media feed

Campus life? Challenge accepted 📚🍝🤸‍♀️ (with English subtitles)

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Instagram Takeover

On our Instagram channel, students regularly share their perspectives and stories. Whether a self-built glider, involvement in Fridays for Future, or participation in a concrete boat regatta: Campus life on Instagram is full of opportunities.