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Organization chart of the Department I - Student Services.

Campus Locations

Campus Locations

Service in TU Main Building (Straße des 17. Juni 135)

Services in TU Main Building: Straße des 17. Juni 135

Student Counseling Service0070 - 0074Student Counseling Service
 0059 - 0061Psychological Counseling
 0070School Contacts
 0059Counseling Service for students with disablilities and chronic disease, Counseling Service for students in parenthood
Office of Student Affairs0013/0014Undergraduate Admission
 0048a - 0050Graduate Admission
Campus Center0030All enquiries around your study organization (administration)
Examinations Office0002Team IB 1
 0010Team IB 2
 0019Team IB 3
 0023Team IB 4
 0025Team IB 5

Service in Ernst-Ruska-Gebäude (Hardenbergstraße 36a)

Service in Ernst-Ruska-Gebäude: Hardenbergstr. 36a

Career ServiceER 386central institution on issues related to job search, soft skills and career planning
 ER 381Deutschlandstipendium Office


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