I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Direct application to the TU Berlin for Graduates of German universities

This information applies only to an application to the Master's program.

Master’s applicants who earned or will earn their first university degree (generally a bachelor’s) at a German university and are applying with a ECTS certificate must submit their application directly to the TU Berlin.

If you are an applicant with a foreign first degree (e.g. Bachelor), please apply through uni-assist e.V.

Please note that you may only submit one application for admission to master’s studies per semester. This also applies if your first application is rejected. A second application will not be considered.

You must submit all required documents on time. Please refer to the checklist below to see which documents are required.

Joint master’s degrees & Master of Education programs – multiple enrollment:

If you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another Berlin university (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts) for a joint master’s degree program or Master of Education program, please read the information about multiple enrollment at TU Berlin.

Please note: Student Info Services is able to provide general advising about applying and enrolling. However, it cannot review your application documents. If you are uncertain which degree program best fits you and your interests or have general questions about studying, please contact the Academic Advising Service.


As a direct applicant to the TU Berlin, please submit your application with the relevant documents only online as a PDF file.

Step 1

Please register first via the online portal for your master's application. As type of registration please choose "consecutive master". At the end of the online registration you will receive your application number. Please make a note of the number, as you will need it for step two. Furthermore, you can use the application number to view the status of your application.

Please register only once per application procedure, as we can correct incorrect data.

Step 2

Use the upload form to upload the documents listed in the checklist below, indicating your application number and the required personal information. You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your documents.

ATTENTION: If you have not received a confirmation email about the receipt of your application documents, you should repeat the upload of the documents. Also, the disproportionately long processing status "Antrag ungeprüft" may indicate that the upload did not work.

The documents must be uploaded in their complete form as one summarized PDF file.The total size of all files must not exceed 20 megabytes. Please make sure that the documents are readable. Other file formats, cloud links or similar will not be accepted.

In case you have to scan your documents while not having a scanner at your disposal, you can also use a free scanning app on your smartphone.

TU Berlin reserves the right to request officially certified copies on a random basis or in reasoned suspected cases for enrolment.

Please send your application only if your documents are complete. We kindly ask you to refrain from submitting further/additional documents at a later point in time, if possible. If a subsequent submission of documents is absolutely necessary to meet the formal or content-related/specific entry requirements, you have the following option:

The application period is still running: In this case, please send the additional documents by email directly to the Graduate Admissions Department of TU Berlin.

  • Please use the following subject line: Master’s application – subsequent documents
  • Please state the desired study program, your name as well as your applicant number in your email.

The application deadline has expired: Submission is not possible.

Please do not send your documents as hard copies to uni-assist or TU Berlin in addition to the uploading.

Please note:

Pay attention to the application deadlines (cut-off periods).

Documents that are submitted after the application deadline will not be considered.

Please only send your application once your documents are complete. Subsequent submission of documents may delay the processing of your application.

After you apply:

  • Your received email will be reviewed regarding the application for admission to the Master's program.
  • If your application is incomplete, you will be notified by email. If the application deadline has not yet passed, you can still complete your application until the application deadline.
  • We will then review your application to confirm that it fulfills the formal requirements.
  • The examination board of the faculty will then verify your application to see if you meet the specific admission requirements of the degree program.
  • A selection procedure usually follows for master’s degree programs with restricted admission.
  • At the end of the procedure, you will receive a letter of admission or rejection from us. You will find the letter of admission in tuPORT after successful admission, the letter of rejection will be sent by mail.

Application checklist for direct applicants

Please go through the checklist and make sure your application is complete.

1. Application form for direct applicants

Please download the application form for direct applicants and fill it out.

2. Proof of your primary/undergraduate university degree

Proof of your primary/undergraduate university degree may be submitted by

  • including your university degree certificate as well as a summary of your study subjects, grades and credit points (transcript).
    For details, please see here: https://www.tu.berlin/en/go2954/


  • if you have not completed your Bachelor’s studies yet, an ECTS certificate with your current total number of ECTS credit points and your current average cumulative grade (GPA)
    • for applicants from TU Berlin: a printout from your QISPOS account incl. the Master's qualification or a printed summary of your study subjects incl. current average cumulative grade (GPA) from your tuPORT account or, if you want to apply for an educational Master’s degree program (teacher training program), an ECTS certificate issued by team 1 of the examinations office
    • for external applicants (from other German universities): an official summary of your study subjects incl. the current total number of ECTS credit points and your current average cumulative grade (GPA), issued by the respective official of your university (e.g. examinations office) or downloaded from your university online account. These must either
      • be stamped and signed by the official office,
      • contain an indication that they have been produced by mechanical means or
      • contain a verification code.
    • For details, please see here: https://www.tu.berlin/en/go2966/

If existing, please upload the study and examinations regulations (“Studien- und Prüfungsordnung – StuPO”) as well as the module descriptions of your primary university degree program (in German or English) and highlight the sections that are relevant to the content-related/specific entry requirements of your desired Master’s degree program. This allows the examinations board to better manage the verification process and to correctly review your application with regard to the content-related entry requirements.

3. Identification document

Copy of your passport or ID (biographical page with personal data)

4. Current certificate of enrolment or certificate of termination of enrolment (exmatriculation)

Submit you current certificate of enrolment or certificate of termination of enrolment (exmatriculation) if you had/have been enrolled at a German university other than TU Berlin after your graduation (in another undergraduate and/or graduate program).

Please note: Your application will not be rejected if you fail to include this certificate. However, we cannot take account of your waiting period without it.

5. Proof of periods of civilian/military service

Proof of periods of civilian/military service, if applicable, according to article 7 (1) of the “Berliner Hochschulzulassungsgesetz (BerlHZG)” (Berlin higher education admissions law)

6. Proof of German language proficiency

Required for all study programs with German as the language of instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: As of an application for the summer semester 2022, Nationals of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland with a foreign Master's entrance qualification also need a language certificate at the required level. Your identity card or passport is NOT sufficient proof of language skills!

For details, please see here: www.tu.berlin/en/go2960/


7. Further specific proofs and certificates (study program related)

Some of our Master’s degree programs require further specific proofs or certificates. For ex. a proof of English language proficiency. Please visit our website for more information on the specific requirements of your desired Master’s degree program (admissions requirements). If you have further questions on the formal requirements of these specific proofs and certificates or if you have questions with regard on content, please contact the responsible student advisory service of your desired Master’s degree program.

In case you have to submit work samples (e.g. for the Master’s degree program in Architecture), please submit it also in the form of a PDF file together with your application documents.

Specific proofs and certificates might be requested as original documents or in the form of officially certified copies according to the admissions regulations (“Zugangs- und Zulassungsordnung (ZZO)”), s. These documents are to be submitted only electronically as a PDF file.

8. Applying for a higher semester

For an application for a higher semester, the following documents have to be submitted to the TU Berlin Graduate Admissions Department in due form and time incl. the approval of the examinations board. Please consider the information about the documents and the respective deadlines on our website.

Advising on applying and enrolling

We are available to offer basic advising on applications and enrolment.

However, we would like to point out that we are unable to perform a binding examination of your documents at that time.

If you are uncertain which degree program is right for you or have general questions about studying, please contact the Academic Advising Service.