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Bachelor’s Programs with Teacher Training Option

Teacher training programs consist of a core subject and a secondary subject.

Application and enrollment in the first degree semester is only possible for winter semesters.

Core subject at TU Berlin

If you would like to study for a bachelor’s degree with teacher training option at TU Berlin, please first apply for the core subject only. You can find a list of core subjects/bachelor’s programs with teacher training option on the TU Berlin’s website.

You should only submit your application for a secondary subject when enrolling. When doing so, you need to enter three secondary subjects in order of preference. You can find out which combinations of core subject and secondary subject are possible from the list of combination options for secondary subjects. Please note that places are restricted for some secondary subjects and we may not always be able to allocate you the subject of your choice.

Secondary subjects are allocated after 31 August each year for the following winter semester.

You can find out here about how to apply for or register and enroll for the core subject of a bachelor’s program with teacher training option at TU Berlin.

The following is important AFTER enrolling and when re-registering for the following semester:
You are also required to enroll at the university offering the secondary subject allocated to you after being informed of this and after enrolling for your core subject at TU Berlin. When re-registering at TU Berlin for the first time, you must provide proof of enrollment at the university offering your secondary subject. Simply upload your enrollment certificate from the second university in your TUB account (tuPORT). This has to be valid for the same semester you enrolled in your core subject at TU Berlin. It must further state the following: degree program, type of degree, number of degree semesters, semesters studied at university and semesters for which a leave of absence has been taken.

    Changing your secondary subject

    Please note that if you are already enrolled in the core subject of a bachelor’s degree with teacher training option at TU Berlin and would like to change your secondary subject, it is only possible to do so for the winter semester.

    To change your secondary subject, please submit the application for changing your secondary subject between 1 June and 15 July for the following winter semester. Please note that applications may only be submitted to the email address on the form!

    Decisions will be made by a lottery procedure.


    If you wish to change to a secondary subject for which you have already obtained credits, you can apply for admission to a higher degree semester. Any free places will be allocated by lottery.

    To participate in a lottery procedure, you must first complete, sign and submit the "Application for Participation in the Lottery Procedure for a Secondary Subject in a Higher Degree Semester" together with the Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits Part A, including the degree semester  assigned to you by SETUB, directly to Undergraduate Admissions at TU Berlin by 1 April at the latest for the summer semester. Applications must be submitted to the email address stated in the application form. 
    You will only be informed of the outcome if you are allocated a place.

    If the deadline has already passed for the respective semester and you have not heard from TU Berlin, then you have not been successful. A message will appear here announcing the end of the lottery process.


    How to be placed in a higher degree semester:

    Submit the following documents to the relevant examination board at SETUB and request a degree semester classification:

    The examination board records the degree semester on the Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits (Part A).
    It can take some time to process your application. Please ensure that you contact the examination board in good time so that you can submit their decision regarding your degree semester when applying to participate in a lottery procedure.

    The degree semester must match with the semesters offered in the semester you wish to apply for (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th degree semester for summer semesters). Otherwise you cannot be admitted.

    Prevocational Education at TU Berlin as a secondary subject

    If you are enrolled at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) or Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin) in the core subject of a teacher training degree program and have been allocated Prevocational Education as a secondary subject at TU Berlin, you need to enroll for this without delay on the basis of multiple enrollment.

    To find out how to do so and which documents you need to provide, please see our checklist for enrolling in bachelor’s programs - Multiple enrollment: Prevocational Education at TU Berlin as a secondary subject (bachelor's teacher training).

    Application with non-German teaching qualification and a proof of recognition from the Berlin Senate Administration

    Teachers with non-German teaching qualifications who can provide proof of recognition for these qualifications from the Berlin Senate Administration can complete supplementary course work to apply for a qualification to teach in the State of Berlin. At TU Berlin, supplementary courses for this purpose may only be taken in the Prevocational Education program. Read here to find out more.

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